Everyone is talking about it...

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Ok, after the previous two random crap post, I'm going into something more serious and heavier. What else? Nothing but the current heat topic; about the caricactures published by the Danish newspaper and also the issues on Sarawak Tribune.

I've personally came across quite a handful of cartoons, caricactures and even movies or shows that make fun of Jesus Christ. I believed there is a lot more published or displayed out there that are offensive not only to Christianity alone but also to our Christ. I am not going to put up any examples here. You can easily get lots of it with a single click on the net.

I am a Christian. US, Britain, Australia,and New Zealand are all Christian countries, and that is only just to name a few. Look at Hollywood, it still seems to stand as grand as ever. I don't recall any 'earth-quaking' news on embassies or flags set on fire because of this. Enlighten me if there is and pardon me if I am wrong because I'm not a knowledgeable person nor am I widely exposed or updated about current issues.

Does that mean we don't care? Does that mean it did not bother me? Does that mean we are allowing it? And are we keeping ourself quiet about all these? No.

The question here is: "Are all these necessary?"

I understand that we are educated that this is a sensitive issue and we must treat it with respect. No objections on that. But, why not take some time, quiet down and DON'T just act on emotions alone? Think about it more objectively. Is there really no better way out? Is damage and pain a must to deliver the message across?

I don't usually talk about all these BIG, heavy issues and especially if it involves politics. This post was inspired after reading the food for thought from kennysia.com and looking at these. Just like what the tittle says, "What's with the commotion?"