Year2 Sem2

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人因为有期望才懂得什么叫做希望. 有夢想而去努力與付出. 但是有人说, "希望越大,失望越大 ". 就因为怕失望,我也不敢的去抱着任何的希望. 就因为怕会跌到受伤而不敢的再 take another step. 请告诉我..该敢敢的去相信與希望好还是该好好的保护自己好..

Beautiful tomorrow

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She said...
Nothing is as beautiful as knowing there's always hope for tomorrow. Smile and everything will be fine.

Every day we encounter different things, walk through different journeys, immersed in different touch of experiences. When the sun sets again in the west, the whole day loads might just sets down together, weighing us down into the gloomy valley. And even before the sun make its way up to rise again, we are already worrying about tomorrow.

No matter how bad your day may seems; no matter how ruined things are; and no matter how worrying the bleak future may seems... I've come to realize that till the end of the day, we all still need a reason to smile.. So, smile and everything will be fine. Coz nothing is as beautiful as knowing there's always hope for tomorrow..

For the beautiful tomorrow, we await...

had a haircut

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I had a hair cut today. My hair is short now. I don't enjoy looking at the mirror anymore especially when i'm out from shower with all my hairs poking up like porcupine. I don't look good.. i miss my long curly hair. Its so sad looking at the mirror now. I'm sad :'(

最近 zui jin (recently)

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ni zui jin bu shuo hua
Recently you have become so silent

zen me le wei shen me
Why? What has happened?

shi bu shi you shen me shi rang ni bu kuai le
Is there anything that has made you unhappy?

Ting shuo ni zui jin hen gu dan
I heard that recently you felt very lonely

You dian luan you dian huang
a little confused, a little lost

Ke shi wo que bu neng gou zai ni de shen pang
however I couldn’t be by your side

Ni xiang yao de
things you want

Wo que bu neng gou gei ni wo quan bu
I am unable to give you all

*Wo neng gei de
*things that I can give

Que you bu shi ni xiang yao yong you de
it is however not what you want

Wo men bu shi he ye bu xiang ren shu
We are not meant for each other but we refused to give in

Hao ji ci wo men bao zhe bi ci dou shi xiang yao ku
There's a few times we just felt like crying as we caress each

chang jie shi zhe yang de yi qie dou zhi shi kai shi
You’ve always reasoned that all these are just the beginning

Wo jue de shi suo you de yi qie zao jiu yi jie shu
but I think everything is actually coming to an end right from the beginning

Bu xiang zai yue shu
do not want to restrict anymore

Bu yao zai tong ku
suffer no more

*Xia yi ci hui you geng hao de qing lu
*next time we will be luckier in love


wo que bu neng gou gei ni wo quan bu
I couldn't give you all


Zhe yi ci wo men dou neng hen xing fu
we are very happy too this time

最近 by 李圣杰

What are we searching for in life?

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What are we searching for in life?

Are we looking for perfections in life?

Or are we after the basic simplicity of life?

Perfections if you have it, what else do you expect more? But if you don't have it, what is it to lose actually?

Yet isn't the simple basics of life that makes you complete? It might be the simplest thing in life but it is yet the thing that comfortably kept you sustained over all. And it could also probably be the hardest thing to achieve in life.

...what actually are you searching for in life?

Bobby & Boobie

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Bobby: Do you really want to know?

Boobie: If its not too much to know.

Bobby: Well, it might.

Boobie: Then let the blind be blind, and let the deaf be deaf.. :)

hv fun with maths (hahahaha)

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=D hahaahhaha...

source: forwarded email

Happiness is a voyage

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I've received an email that ask me to think and try to:

  1. Name the 5 richest people in the world.
  2. Name the last 5 miss Universe winners.
  3. Name the last 10 Nobel Prize winners.
  4. Name the last 10 winners of the best actor Oscar.

...and also to:

  1. Name 3 teachers who contributed to your education.
  2. Name 3 friends who helped you in your hours of need.
  3. Think of a few people who made you feel special.
  4. Name 5 people that you like to spend time with.

the latter set of questions seems easier to tackle isn't it? Conclusion for these questions? Well, the people who mean something to your life are not rated "the best", don't have the most money, haven't won the greatest prizes.

Upon reflection, here comes a simple poem dedicated to you...

You need not to be perfect,
You need not to be labelled the best,
but you certainly are one in a million,
that I consider a priceless gem.

Don't know how is it all linked up in that email but as the tittle says,

Happiness is a voyage, not a destination.

wht am i doing?

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Conversation 1

Son: How's life mom? Anything interesting?

Mom: I am dying. Its an interesting experiance :D

Son: Kesian u mom. Gonna join you soon. Where are you now?

Mom: I'm in the 5th stage (of dying) ; "Acceptance" ...

Conversation 2

Human 1: Hey! What are you doing?

Human 2: I am dying.

Conversation 3

Kawan 1: I am dying, I am dying, dying.. bla bla bla

Kawan 2: Yeah, ok.. I am too.

Conversation 4

Chatter 1: What are you doing? No need to study ah?

Chatter 2: I am dying.

Conversation 5

Self 1: What am i doing?

Self 2: I'm dying.

hmmph...whatever-lar. Another crappy post, after ingesting toxicating levels of haze.
I am dying. It's hazy; that makes me feel sick. And I have a feeling; a feeling tht I am going to die.

Ok, fine..I'll cut the crap. The haze is sickening.