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For convenience purposes, I've decided to create a new post on this. I copied all the conversations from the chatbox and pasted it here so that all of you may conveniently stay clear of what is actually going on. So, this is the 'verbal spar' that took place:

18th Feb 2006

seriously, i have no respect for sedaya's doc. in d Q, who are just mere student but SNOBBISH. here is a lesson: basic of a doc, going to d lowest. u guys, lazy, proud, stuck-up ass.

who knows the best. ME!! i am a medic student frm local uni. it's difficult. being a doc, difficulties not in studies but to reach out and help poorest of d poor. you ppl, shitty proud.

i will never allow any friends i know to visit your clinic. ever. life of love ones at risk. snobbish med. STUDENT, see how far you can go with that attitude.good luck

19th Feb 2006

what is wrong with elainesan???

Jolyn (me):
Ms/ Mr Elainesan, I'm terribly sry for u to feel tht way. But, may i hav the honour to know who you are/where you are from? Mind if i ask, who or wht hav u encountered, tht gives u such an impression?

I am not denying nor am i agreeing with u. But, IMHO, wil it b too fast for u to judge/ to catalog us ALL to b like tht? i wud b glad if u could help to point out my mistake. I wud certainly accept

& apologise if i'm at fault.To err is human..But frankly,I hv always hv great respect 4this profession&others whos in the same line,regardless wher we r fr& same goes2 u.I hope 2clear any misundrstandg

20th Feb 2006

first of all, sorry to claim ALL of u "like that" but MOST of you are. DUH~~ sedaya is crap. medicine students for STPM below 3.00?? no respect. PROUD ass. lagi no respect. lazy. ugh

and what more. your exam paper is easy piece of shit. a doctor? i beg your pardon. MY profession basic, HUMBLE! dont brag to those more, please don't regard me and you as us.

i never brag. you guys, conclusion: got the mouth but brainless bunch.i respect THIS profession with my name. BUT i dont respect YOUR ways of treating this profession. a DISGRACE

i proudly announce i am one of those meek student in UM. my name is as posted-elaine.from please take note on your attitude.the bossy-ness can even be seen outside w/o opening your braggy mouth.

and what i said applies to 29 of 30 ucsi students. i seen most of you guys. to be a doctor is to provide the BEST service. NOT because of glamour and MONEY. doctors earn little, mind you!

i am in my final year. if i ever come across you guys, trust me! i'll do something to mend that "BIGGEST fractures" of yours.

wah!! wad happen??u step on ppl's tail ka??so big conflict. but i thk she has her point and u have urs. no comment. muahz out. peace

Weihan Goh:
elainesan, as much as I see private colleges as taking in students with a little too low a CGPA as a possible timebomb to the future of the profession, unless you can give proof, you achieved nothing.

You have been basing your claims on assertions, without proof nor analysis. If you really think that this what you claim is true, do indeed give us buyable analysis and evidences

Lord Cronus:
To the lame UM medical student with the name Elainesan. In my mind I always had a believe that UM medical students were the cream of the crop of this country, but ...

Now hearing you with this slander without any reasoning shows that how low UM has sunk. I do not know whether this is true but...

From seeing you behaving like this surely reflects back at what UM is teaching you in ethics and morality.

We are medical students here( I doubt it about who you are) are trained to analyse any problem and to present it with reason and evidense. So the next time you choose to insult UCSI medical students.

Do it with reason and proof. If you have any sense of what i just said, u will understand it. If u have problem understanding it.......

21st Feb 2006

wahlao....havoc!! let's c wad elainesan has to say. UM w00 La LA~~

Bear in mind anyone can claim to be a final year student from MU or whatever

So take things here said with a pinch of salt pls and hold off the lynch mob!

the MU final years are busy at the moment with upcoming final exams btw

what i said here is just me AND my collegues exam or not, people from ucsi MED are helping among themselve. DOCTORS?? bahhh....enough said.

what i comment here, you guys will PROVE it 10 years down the lane. that is IF you can graduate on time. even if you can, sedaya is HELPING OUT since you are their first "baby". hehe...

i am outsider so i may have wrong comment but what about if everything come out from YOUR own lecturers mouth. how shame~~~

there is Opa,mon2 name a few! oh gosh, i feel so sorry. i even seen your test paper. joker

cronus shit, i am in final year. i anaylze before i open my mouth. evidence is to be shown to the professional NOT "self-acclaimed" pro..

take care. good luck. i don't have time anymore after this to drop by. bye. best regard.

22nd Feb 2006

I'm enraged with this attack on UCSI medical students. Anyone out there......Remember, we just finished our first year. We don't even have seniors to lead us.

Since elainesan happens to be a senior from UM, u should consider advising us instead of throwing cricticism at us. After all, we all are at the same aim of helping in healing of people.

Weihan Goh:
A few issues here. First, like dobbs said, anyone can pose as a medical student from Universiti Malaya. Therefore, this should be taken at the individual, and not institution level.

Second, while elainesan thinks that UCSI students are collaborating to defend themselves, rest assured that my presence proved this wrong. I'm an undergrad from Nanyang Technological University.

Thirdly, when elainsan bases her flaming posts on opinions, then her credibility is just that. It proves that she is unable to analyze a given opinion and respond based on it rationally.

Fourthly, claims based on what if situations are just not buyable. It's just like saying the Petronas Twin Towers will collapse tomorrow.

Fifth, analysis is just not there, albeit elainsan claims that there was. Trust this NTU debater on this.

Finally, if elainsan's issue is indeed with the quality of education within UCSI, I would welcome her to discuss this in a mature manner at my blog at

And just to make things a little clear, I do not know who the blog author is. I just dropped by here.


Before I go any further, I would like to thank all of you who have came to share your thoughts and mind.

Basically, I don't know and neither could i recall who Ms.Elaine could be or is and I'm still curious on how she landed here. Not to mention that she knows that I'm a medical student from UCSI. The bottomline is, I am still quite clueless of what that have sent the spark, igniting this conflicting isssue.

When I first saw the message left by elainesan, I was puzzled and stunned. I tried resolving but it has unexpectedly turned out to be the other way round. As for now, please allow me to reply on her previous 2 posts on the 21st and 22nd Feb 2006; and also to express my opinions on this issue. [note: when i'm saying 'you' later, i am referring to Ms.Elainesan]

Again I would like to make it clear that I am not denying nor am I agreeing to what 'you' have presented here.

To quote from what 'you' said:

medicine students for STPM below 3.00?? no respect.

I have to admit that I failed to see from your point that this shows that we have no respect (to this proffesion?). Can we ever measure the level of respect merely using academic credits? IMHO, respect is not something you earned just like that. No doubts, a high achiever of an established, top university could graduate with a nice and neat degree or masters and etc. The respect one gained is for your level of education. In other words, people are more likely to respect your 'perfect-high achiever-degree' than you. Put on a white coat and a stetho, will people respect you? Yes, indeed a lot of people have great respects on doctors. The question is, without that 'identity', will they respect you the same? Is this the true respect that 'you' meant? I think that the true respect one earns for him/herself , regardless of the social strata, is way harder than just achieving grades.

To quote from 'you' again:

i never brag.... i respect THIS profession with my name. BUT i dont respect
YOUR ways of treating this profession. a DISGRACE

If 'you' really a person as what you've said, I'm glad and happy that 'you' are. One of the reasoning I could offer for your rather emotional remarks is that 'you' are a person who is concerned about this medical health line. It is a good thing. However, if expressed with a not so appropriate way, the effect may not be that favourable. Pardon me, I'm not suggesting that 'you' have acted inappropriately. But could there be a better or more constructive way? I see that 'you' and I are differnent and each individual have their own, unique way of expressing and perceiving each matter. So no offence, for I am not here to judge. I noted that 'you' stated that 'you' dont respect my/our ways of treating this proffesion. A disgrace huh? I don't get your point. If you would try to listen, I am telling you again that I do treat not only this proffesion but my medical studies seriously and with respect. And I believe I'm not the only one.

Thanks lots for telling me about this:

...NOT because of glamour and MONEY. doctors earn little, mind you!

Actually, I've already learned about all these. If money and glamour are the factors, I wouldn't be pursuing medicine.

Another thing, I’m not sure if I get 'you'; about 'you' seeing our test paper. FYI, we have weekly formative assessments. As told by my lecturer, those questions in our weekly test goes quite detailed into the topics we were tested on. I personally share the same thought as well. And 'you' mentioned Dr.Opa and Dr.Maung(,I believe so, for this is closest to my lecturer’s name that you mentioned as ‘mon2 sat’ ???) . For our first professional exam (part1) last year, of course they can’t afford to be as detailed as it is in our formative assessments. In addition, it isn’t too necessary to repeat and test us all on the same questions or aspect again. Also, to share what a few doctors have told me before, the exam is not meant to fail us but to test us and see what we know and what don’t we know. Anyhow, I am unsure which paper did 'you' claim you saw but I hope I delivered my points across.

'You' might be thinking that we are helping among ourselves but Weihan Goh and dobbs are not my classmates nor are they my uni-mates. Anyway, I don't know if you'll ever read this but that's about it that I have to say in reply. From all these discussions that have taken place, I've learnt and come into 2 conclusions; we shall all see after 5 or 10 years later and for all that you've said, it gives me a motivation to become better. And to all my fellow mates: I understood that you may not felt too comfortable after reading some of the comments written here but put aside all these and forget about arguing or proving who's right and who's wrong at the mean time. I see this as a 'blessing in disguise' . Take this all and treat it as another challenge for us to strive forward. Try not to take them to heart. I hope that all will share the same view and turn all these into constructive stepping stones, reaching higher up the sky.



well done jolyn!


Well said joyln... Be proud of what your are doing and let "that" so-called ethical to-be-doctor brag all she wants... Oh, btw my bro is officially a doctor now =) Let's see wat he has to say about this...

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this isi currently the hit blog of the YEAR man!! heard alot abt it from nit & HY. internet conn down.. grr.. now.. com oso down!!! by d way..

to her so called great doctor to be!!

elainesan or so you claim to be. i m more than willing to invite you for a verbal sparr. you name the place i'll go there. if you think u can challenge me. i'll accept you with open arms!! nothing medical coz as of now, i'm only in my first year.
Firstly, being a doctor is nothing to be proud of? GUrl or guy?? don judge a book by its cover. Take a peek inside b4 judging.
Secondly, what good is it being snobbish? Does it make us feel great or otherwise. Can we move further by doing so? i pose d q's back to u.
thirdly, Doctors do not insult doctors. were in the same profession and we share the same goal, that is to help and heal!! not to go fcuk arnd wid other ppl's business. in other words, thats what a bitch does. does tat resemble any1 i no. hmm!! watcha guys think?
to be honest. i have loadsa other stuff totalk abt just that i've got to go now. its nice to have met your acquaintance.
blessed be to all UM ppl who think alike? i will really have to BEG god to bless u ppl. see ya ELAINESAN... gurl.. gurl.. u've just tarnished the name of UM greatly
ps: final year yet having loadsa time to leave nasty comments onppls blog. hmm!! UM students too much free time hioh..or is it just YOU??
Jolyn.. ur simply awesome


waisehh..chris, u got abit too "early" ha...people finish ady only u baru come in...and somemore, ur way and jolyn's way of confronting the UM doc differs....i prefer jolyn's way....soft but LOUD at the same time...and polite...for sure, if she come back, she will feel ashame at HOW jolyn reacts this....


seriously i dunno how GREAT the effects are..but i do know somehow or rather, what she throws hurt...

gambate guys...


boys will b boys. its not ez to finish a sentence without cursing ya no!!


it's funny that how ppl enjoy seeing themselve being the only one that is succeeded in life, and instead giving ppl their helping hand, they choose to give ppl a straw and seeing ppl drown with it. Superiority?insecurity? i have no idea. but i do believe that if you do good to others, and the others do the same to others, then the world would be more peaceful than what it is. bad things happened everyday, petrol increase but not the salary, workload increase but not the money. we need each other to cheer things up, we need each other to make it a better behold!think again, love is not just about loving ur family,ur dog or ur partner, but love is a concept, a dream, where everyone treat each other like a family. A family that didnt argue for unfruitful things. a family that dont spread around rumours for no reason, and a family that will happily seeing other ppl success and truely wish them well. What's the big deal of being the king of world when no body bother worshipping you? Still remember the CNY advertisement where 4 old ladies talk about their son? does it really mean anythign if u r surgeon n yet ur mum cant even see you in such important occasion?my friend asked me yesterday how to define successful, i told him being success is about being a good father, a good son,good husband and a good boss.Then he bring out the idea my defination is wrong because the richest n most successful man in HK causes his wife go crazy n committed suicide.I told him that i will never define him as successful even though he is in whatever Forbes richest list.
how do u define a good doctor? diff uni might gave a diff defination, but the defination should be given by yourself. YOU KNOW YOU ARE GONNA BE A GOOD DOCTOR,n YOU KNOW YOU GONNA MAKE A DIFFERENT,that's enough.
i guess i am a bit run out of topic, but JL, if you know you are not what ppl said, and ppl who care about you know that you are not, that's really enough.


hey! thanks all!

HZhen, congrats ur bro for me yea! applause for him..hehe =)

Chris,boys wil stil be boys huh? then i guess only a man wil be able to do tht; to finish a sentence without cursing. Be a man! hehe...dun get offended yea ;)

Rose,thanks! but actually we dont really kno if she is a UM doc anyway. It does hurt at some point but looking at it again, there's no point to dwell in what she has 'thrown' at us. Live goes on. We shud move forward, shouldn't we =)

Wee,i get your point and thanks loads though i dunno where did the petrol issue suddenly come out from. hehe. btw,HZhen, thank you very much for the sms bout that!sigh, 30cent~!!!


and to add on...

I've got an email from my friend, my coursemate, which i think its worth sharing here:

"...Our exam paper for sure is easy for her since she claim that she is a final year student..and if she cant even do our paper wont it be shame for her?
and how could she get the exam paper since even we are not allowed get it back unless it is our formative assesment.And the final exam that we had the questions are choosen by the external examiner from IMU.

...this is what i have been told during my posting.The doc tel me that it doesnt matter wether u have a 1st degree or go to viva or from the best uni in is useless if no one ever respect u ..."