4 scene shots (taken 17/02/06- Fri)

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-----------------Scenario 1-----------------
A 71 year old man was sent to the clinic by bypassers who saw him fell off his bike. He came in with tremors, giddiness and feeling cold. He was sent straight to the treatment room since this is an emergency case. The medical officer on duty came and did some phyiscal examination on him.

Temperature: 39 oC , has been febrile for past 2 days
B/P : 160/80
Pulse : 119/min
Dextrose stick reading: 11.1 mmol/l

I assumed that she(the MO) also wrote that CVS and respi.system are ok.

He was then given panadol and was sent outside, in the waiting area, to wait for his son. His respiratory rate seems to be increased and is using quite some amount of effort to breathe. (but then, he may still be traumatised)

The son came and I went to notified the MO. She asked to call him in. How bout the patient? She told me it is not necessary. After a few min, he came out with the drug slip. And what did the doc told him (about the diagnosis)? High fever.

Of course, he was adviced to bring his father to the hospital if anything happens. Medications were collected and they left.

-----------------Scenario 2-----------------

All the staff nurse was called to attend some training thingy by the Kementerian from 2pm to 5pm. Hence, there were no nurses around when we came back after lunch. Only some attendants and nurse assistants were around to help manage the clinic. And yeah, there were only 2 doctors that evening (compared to the normal 6 to 7 doctors).

So, we sat and helped at the BP and D/stick counter.

There were only about 3 patients who really need BP to be taken before seeing the doc but we took total of around 10 patient's people's BP. Funny huh? There could be more but we managed to really say "no" to some of them.

These people came to bring their whoever to see the doc, which means they themselves aren't sick. They just wanted to know their blood pressure and whether they are hypertensive. I kept explaining to these people that we don't diagnose you with hypertension with just one reading. Plus, if your reading differs from the normal average value, there could be other contributing factors. Furthermore, we are not supposed to do so because the system doesn't work this way.

And this is what the attendant told me on how to deal with these people: " If we were to allow one person to do this, the rest will follow as well and at the end, everyone will come. Tell them they would have to pay RM1 to register as a patient and get their card if they want to check their BP. Many will try persuade you, of course. If then, just ask them to pay here instead of at the registar. Some will walk off when asked to pay but some will still pay. So just take the money and check their BP. This will all be collected an will go to a fund."

Did we do that? No, it's kinda 'weird' and 'awkward' for us to do so. We tried explaining to them but they are pretty persuasive. Trust me, they are really insistive.

leng lui, can you help me check whether I'm hypertensive?

huh? the doc asked to check your BP? (reaching out to take the card from her)

No, i actually came to bring my daughter to see doc. This is my daughter's card, not mine. Please help me lar. I won't tell anyone, this is just gonna be between you and me. I have a card with me so people would not suspect. Come lar, ok ah? help me check, ok? See if i have high blood pressure then i can see doc.

Aunty, you know that i am not supposed to do this. bla bla bla...explaining to her bout diagnosing HPT and etc etc.

oH...like tht one lar...nevamind lar. you help me check and see lar. No harm done. If its high then i can seek medical advice sooner rite.

(-__-''') sigh...ok, aunty say if realy ur BP is high today, what are you going to tell the doc? tell that you just got ur BP taken by me and the reading is high?

nolar. I won't see doc today. I'll come back few days later.

and your complaint will be?

Just tell the doc i'm having headache lar. Coz last time there was once tht my BP went quite high ...bla bla bla... Don't worry, i won't tell anyone that you checked for me.

(then another guy, who is persuading my friend to measure his BP, came interrupting...)

Just check for us lar. We know you are just students. But it is for the benefit of both of us. You see, you get to practice more and we get to know our BP. Isn't that a good deal?

I can't help but to keep laughing...

Yalar, just help me lar. Others won't know bout this.

We gave in.

-----------------Scenario 3-----------------

It was PSY clinic that afternoon. One of the patient come asking me how many injections will he have to take today. I looked at the medication slip. Firstly, i can't really figure out what was written there. 2ndly, how on earth would i know about PSY drugs? From my rationale, my guess is that there would be 2 injections for him. But of course, I told him I'm not too sure about this and told him to ask the people in charge inside the treatment room. He said it is almost his turn to go in already and he knows they would tell him but he just wanted me to help him out a little now. Again, i told him not that i don't want to help but i really don't know about what exactly this medication slip meant. He looked at me, "you don't know how to read meh? These are all words rite?! I'm just asking you to help by telling me what is written because i don't know how to read, like that also cannot ah?!" He got up and walked off, into the treatment room.

-----------------Scenario 4-----------------

A heat of argument between a doctor and a PSY patient's brother. I'm glad tht they did not end up fighting. phew.



Boy u can actually rememba those farnee people!! haha.. jolyn!! next time check mah bp k!! don tell any1.. jejejej


scenario 3
They're so rude!! should have told dem there's 8 injections heading theyre way!1 scare them abit mah!!
by d way!! r u in a psy clinic!! y ur patients all like tat 1?
ps: somebody called u LENGLUI lo!! lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! bangga bangga

Swee Im

U should be getting used to it rite?Most of the patients are like tat.I even had a patient tat keep on following me around the clinic.I just help the dc to explain something to him as there are some communication problem and coz of this he follwed me even after seeing the dc.Finally the dc tell me that he is a psycotic patient.
Taking bp for hypertensive patients is kind of scary coz they tend to be unhappy when we tell them that their bp had increased.
But at least, all of us are having a nice experience right?