When two elephants fight...

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What happened when two elephants fight?

“When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled”
- African Proverb -

The Lobsterman

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Arriving at the dinner place...

"The Lobsterman" @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

I was pretty curious on where are we going to dine in that night but all I knew was, the place is in Petaling Jaya and it starts with "L". Oh! And yea, it is not a cheap place.



Yeap, that was my exact response. I totally have NO idea where is that place until we reached.
It was totally a surprise. Actually when I thought of it now, very strictly speaking, it starts with "T" rather than "L". Nevertheless, I never knew of this place. It was kind of hidden but very prettily decorated with yellow light bulbs.

Fascinated by the 'tools'

I have never eaten lobster before and it was kind of an eye opener to see the cutleries used to 'dig' the lobster meat out. We did not have lobster but it was nonetheless a good meal.

Cheers! :)

The views: ...of the restaurant and out the restaurant (thru the glass)

The meal. (did not have lobster though, just for display... hehe)

First, a plate of baked escargot and then a bowl of mushroom soup with a basket of garlic bread was served before the arrival of the main meal. I was a bit hesitant to try the escargot but once i put it into my mouth, I immediately LOVE it! Baked with cheese and potato, it was supreme! The mushroom soup and the garlic bread was not only aromatic but delicious. I almost wanted to lick the bowl clean.

Our main dish was a lamb shank and a chicken. Decoration, effort, and taste was really good. The Lobsterman sure did a great job on non-lobster dish as well. It is just a plain pampering to the stomach.

Ambience was pretty good. I like it. Some said it is a bit bright but I thought it was ok. Plus point for dining here: they will come with a polaroid camera and take a picture of you. That was really cool. Definitely love it!

A complimentary card from The Lobsterman.

With a polaroid photo of you in it!

I just love this place. Would definitely love to try their lobster next time. Should really give this place a try and it is really not pricey for a cosy and fine dining like this.

Note: You can even check out their menu (with the price even!?!) at their website. Cool! :)