silly mistake

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I did a silly mistake...

Professionalism... sigh

Do you know your name?

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Do you know your name?

People often ask me questions like:

Is this your English name? or...

So, this is your Chinese name?

English, Chinese, Malay, or Indian I don't know. Don't know what are the differences and it is not my concern if it is a English name or a Chinese name or Malay name or an Indian name really. It is just a name, my name.

My standard reply is always, to smile and say, "That is my name".

I never really know there is a meaning to my name. My parents have no specific reason when they name me. I have a homework today; to find out what my name means.

I googled a few websites and did my homework.

The meaning of my name is: "God has added a child" or "God will add". Apparently, it is of Hebrew origin and it is actually a female version of the name Joseph.

Now, I know my name.

S'pore-Berlin-Frankfurt-Paris Honeymoon?!

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"Singapore, Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris"

Geez. How can one go to these places for honeymoon?

Only if you are married to a tycoon or a king I guees.
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I stepped out of the car and my friend came telling me that Dr.J told him
to pass the message to me.

Collect the books from the library? Weird. She should be in the ward
working by now. Why library?

He explained in few reasonably logical words and walked off.

I wasn't convinced enough. Plus, the library is like almost 2 blocks away.
Thus, I thought of checking in the ward first, which is much nearer to my place
of duty.

We took the same lift up to the ward and my friend gave me a 'why-don't-you-believe-me-i'm-your-friend' kind of look. I
was totally in dilemma.

"Why would she be in that building at this hour?" I asked.

In the most 'selamba' tone, these words flowed out smoothly,
"Because she has a course there wat. The neonatal resusitation course."

Hmm. That is why she wants me to meet her there. I was totally
convinced at that point. The lifts open at the 6th floor and I made no exit.

I went all the way down to the ground floor and headed towards the ACC
building, where the library is. Just before I took the lift up to the library, I
received a sms:

"Today is April's Fool"

According to my friends, if you have been tricked on the April's Fool day, you are not allowed to get angry. Instead, you should laugh out and also probably say, "I am such a fool". Haha. Yea, rite.

It doesn't make you a fool when you are being tricked and fooled like that. It increases your endorphins anyway. So, chill out and share the laughters with the world.

On the other hand, there are times when you thought you knew someone enough and when you thought you understood someone enough, it is apparently incorrect. And that, I felt totally fooled.

I am guilty of being a fool. And "Ouch"! Yea, "ouch"!


Fooled and tired.

Better spend time, knowing something I would know and understand for sure. Back to mugging my faithful books.

Is this wrong?

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Would anyone please tell me, is this wrong?

Is it wrong to have such thought?

Do you have a problem?

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Ask anyone: "Who have problems?"

And you would probably get the whole world raising their hands in response.