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'Silent night'

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Silent night.

The night is silent.

That was the last song 'she' heard.

That was the last song I sang, to 'her'.

And silently,...

Silent night.

'Frog-rein' body in my house

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In medical practice, presence of foreign body in the body is almost always an emergency. Since, it is 'foreign', meaning not supposed to be there, the principle of management is: to remove the foreign body.

So, I have a case here.

It was almost 11pm and I was walking into the kitchen when I noticed a small 'mass' over the right corner of my kitchen wall. The light was not on. I strained my eyes a little, trying to make out what the heck is that 'mass'. To my horror, i noted two "biji" of eye sitting over its upper surface. It's a freaking frog!!! Omy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is that creature doing in here? House is meant to be inhabited by human, not frog! Or toad (cause it looks ugly).


How am I supposed to deal with this?! Living alone/ away from home I have to admit is not easy. I don't mind to cook, wash, clean, etc by myself. But, dealing with 'foreign body' in the house is really beyond my capability lor. I am not that independent.

I asked the help from one of my housemate. She brought a stick along. It didn't help though. The not-so-big frog was leaping at like about half meter height lor. Scary!

I suggested to call 'Bomba' (firemen) to come and remove that 'foreign body' but my friend gave me a weird look.

Well, the frog may not bite but this is freaking scary leh. How to approach? Moreover, it is jumping like mad. If it is a cockroach, I can at least spray with insecticide then they will grow weaker and weaker and then eventually dead. But, for a frog, I really don't know how. Plus, we have already attempted the 'removal' but failed. So, why can't I call the Bomba? It is some sort, more of less, an emergency, right?

My friend said Bomba will scold if they knew they were called here just to remove a frog from a house.


In the end, the frog jumped and hid under the boxes below the table. My housemate pulled out the washing machine hose from the outlet with the hope that overnight, that frog will jump into that 'draining hole' (or whatever you call it).

Well,! anyone? please...


It is the little things that matter the most

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Men and women have always been described that they come from a totally different planet. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. No wonder we are so different!

Most of the time women are a more sensitive creature, who look more into tiny, tiny stuffs that men would tend to ignore. I guess that is why God put man and woman together. If not for all the little things that has been taken care of, a house would just be a house, not a home. But somehow, men just failed to understand why are women into all sort of 'petty', small stuffs like flushing the toilet, boiling the water, etc.

The importance is not proportionately reflected on the adjectives, 'little' or 'small' itself. In fact, I would say the importance is reflected reversly proportional to its label. Take the latest news for example; Influenza A (H1N1), the virus infection of what the world is now afraid to be pandemic. Given the previous history of SARS that left the world still in shivers, the comotion today was because of the tiny, minute activity in the virus that leads to the whole antigenic drift and antigenic shift thing.

It is the little things that make up things. Cells make up tissue. Tissues make up organ. Organs makes up the system. And systems make up a whole functioning body that enable you to read this now, isn't it?

Latest technology now are going smaller, tinier, more and more microscopic. Nanotechnology this nanothecnology that. But, has anyone heard of any new development on some gigatechnology? or teratechnology?

It is the little things that our eyes seldom see. Not because we are literally blind but because when we have conditioned it to be 'small' and 'little'. When it is 'small' and 'little', "who cares?-why bother?" kind of attitude sets in automatically.

It is so 'small' and 'little' that it has not earn enough of importance to be noted in our life. Perhaps that is why, men will almost never seems to understand why some 'small' things like 'this' or 'that' actually matters to another person (eg, women). Because all these things which are of importance to women has never really earned the right to be noted upon by men. Why?

As viewed from Mars: Small things mah. Don't know why she 'bilibala...' about all these petty stuffs one. (means it is not important, and never will be important to me la)

And from Venus, day by day, people are getting more and more frustrating, unable to understand why the inhabitants from Mars never seems to be able to grasp the point that this, though is small, is important.

My point here is, anyone can tell you little things are the things that matter the most. Unless, we, ourselves, think that this is not just any little thing, and realizing + admitting the importance(s), only then will we see it. Then only, it will become something that really matters.

To end, I would share something I read on the internet. How often do you have a bad day because a meteor chose your house as a landing spot? or a century old oak tree thought your car would be a comfortable place to lie down?

Or your bad day most of the time is due to a bunch of plain little things? (like traffic jam, over time working hours, etc)

You see, little things do matter, don't they?
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@ Dr Hadi's son wedding