A day in the psych's

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I can't believe it!

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I actually turned down the offer :(

Fantasy, reality...

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As beautiful as fantasy may be,...
we still have to live in reality.

Cool gift

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So this is the cool gift we got today. My roomate took one bottle of these mosquitoe pupae. It was still all 'pupae-ish', wringling little 'wormy' earlier this evening. And, now one of it has already hatched out!!!

It is really kinda cool. Even the skin is still floating around. Community med can be quite cool too, aye ;)

Long lecture hours give me...

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U said, I said

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You said:

It is perhaps the current situation made you feel unsecured, so do I; but the confidence and determination keeps me going, to face it bravely...

I will make it, even without support...

I said:

I am fearful, I am doubtful, and yes, I do feel weak at times. I felt broken and left to stand alone.

Do I keep myself going?

I told myself, I cannot falter; and yes, that kept me going, living with every tiny bits of courage I could collect.

I have not walked out alone (because of the fear for stray dogs) since my secondary school days. And today, I have re-experienced it again. Besides uttering prayers along the journey, the tiny voices inside my head kept me walking till the end by this telling:

"I will make it, even without support..."

It has been a long day. And I made it.