10 gift rules for men!

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I am now locked in the room, alone, supposedly to be studying and revising if not for this week's formative assessment, then for the coming finals.arrgghh~... I may be physically bound to just sit there pouring over the notes and books but my brain and my mind doesn's seems to be very cooperative at the moment. Right at the time when i desperately need some distraction, some entertainment, and something off my studies, I found my old, faithful, CLEO mag inside my drawer. YeAy!!! Though its old (yeah,its Dec 2004's ) but can be quite useful at times like this.

There was an article that is probably worth sharing with you guys :- "10 gift rules for men!"

Lately, i have encountered some guy friends who are complaining about difficulty buying gifts for girls. Either it's for gift exchange, birthday prezzie or christmas gift, they have a similar, standard remark saying that it is TROUBLESOME and is DIFFICULT. Hmm..really??? I thought it is even harder to get stuffs for guys. Look, there are tonnes and variety of things out there that you can actually pick from and buy for the females. And where does the difficulty actually lies? Perhaps it lies on what is (hopefully) the right gift for (the specific) her?

Since its a Dec 04 mag, this article is about tips for men to get the right Christmas gift for her. So, the 10 rules of Christmas are...

Rule No.1: Stop, Look, Listen.
- she's probably been dropping hints since July, so, guys, please put on your antenna.

Rule No.2: Feather That Nest.

Rule No.3: When In Doubt, Buy Both.
- wow! goodie goodie! hehe...

Rule No.4: Don't Let Your Magic Formula Wear Out Its Welcome.
- if you manage to get it right 1 year, don't think you have found the universal answer. well, i guess you guys may really need to do some homework here.

Rule No.5: Lingerie- The Gift That Keeps On Giving.
- well, i personally don't know if it applies to you. hmm...Doesn't seems too appropriate, does it?

Rule No.6: 100 % Accuracy + 10% Flattery
- this rule is related to Rule No.5

Rule No.7: Hands Off-It's Hers.
- this means NO giving her a tool set you are looking forward to use it yourself.

Rule No.8: Christmas Eve Shopping
- everyone knows it but yet,so many guys continue to break it. Here's a scenario: someone's boyfriend, having left it too late, tried to pretend on Christmas morning the reason he'd not bought her a gift was, "Oh i thought we weren't celebrating Christmas this year"

Rule No.9: You Can't Cancel Christmas.
- hehe..better come out with a not so lame excuse next time ;)

Rule No.10: Buy It With Love...Merry Christmas!
- the most crucial rule, if honestly observed will excuse you from breaking almost any number of the others.

Right, i guess thats all for today's lesson. You are certainly more than welcome to browse my copy of Cleo if you want =)

c209 Epidemic

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sniffs sniffs... cough cough...sniff cough cough sniff...And the rythm goes on.

People in my class has been falling sick one by one since last week. It all started with few bouts of cough from 1 or 2 guys and the "daily musical orchrestra" have then gradually increased and enhanced not only in quality but also quantitatively.

The interesting part is that the patientS have if not same,then similar signs and symptoms. Is it virus or is it bacteria? I don't know and i don't think it should be bird flu. But i can tell it is very contagious!!! So, if you think you are having the signs & symptoms stated below, you have probably just contributed to the statistics for the outbreak.

1. Cough (more typical in males; onset in females are usually later in the course or is less severe)

2. Fever

3. Malaise (general ill or weak feeling)

4. Sore throat

5. Flu (more typical / severe in females)

We were supposed to have our weekly formative assessment last Friday but because about half of the class was sick and ill, it was then postponed to the coming Monday (which is today). But, today, the situation is not any better. It is in fact, worse. And again the test is postponed to Wednesday- well, i heard that some are planning to get seriously ill on that day. haha.

With these multiple attacks since last week, more people are now down with the ' c209 cough or flu' .But amazing enough, there are people who still remain incredibly strong and healthy. salute and applause to those strong and invincible ones..yeay! As for me, I have fought hard and bravely in the immunity warfare. I think it is pretty reasonable to let my nose for a leisure jog and some running after such a tiring war. And a perfect vacation for running nose is usually never complete without some waterfalls down from the eye. Cough* ...oh yeah! Some coughs sure spice things up, don't you agree?

Well, i think someone better inform the CDC (centre of disease control) about this c209 epidemic... it is killing me~!!!

The Balloon II

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Their health deteriorated and we have no choice but to look at them debilitated on the ICU's(Intensive Care Unit) bed. There wasn't much time left and all the close friends and relatives were called to gather and accompany them through their last journey on earth... Even the weather that day was getting gloomier as the clock went ticking away...

Certified time of death:
0123 AM, Monday, 14th Nov 05

Monday, 14th Nov 05

The funeral.

Gone were the days when we hold on to He-balloon and She-balloon. And now the time has arrived,... the time to let go... perhaps for the better...

Everyone uttered the prayers solemnly. The 'roomie teddy bear' gave the eulogy of She-balloon and He-balloon; the happy moments they have once shared... All we could do was just to listen to the past that they have brought us, as they lie there as still as ever...

It was sad to witness the moment when they are covered with the black cloth that will never be lifted up from them again. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and silently bid them farewell,..."goodbye"...They left. They are gone... but they (he-balloon & she-balloon) are together...and deep in our heart, we know that all of us are together.

[ P/S: with special thanks to my roomate's teddy bear...

also, to reveal the mystery... it may seems that there is 2 balloons: She-balloon and He-balloon but the truth is... they are ONE. yes! one!...because it is a 2-faced-balloon... may they rest in peace... ]

The Balloon I

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Wednesday, 9th Nov 05

She-balloon & He-balloon was brought home to room 414. They continued to stay joyously afloat, singing merrily in the air.

Thursday, 10th Nov 05

He-balloon got sick. Worse still, he transmitted the disease to She-balloon.

Medical history: They are asthmatic

Diagnosis: Infection in the lungs leading to balloonic pneumonia

Treatment: 3 doses of Helium daily

Complication: punctured lungs causing acute balloonic pneumothorax (if left untreated)

The treatment was not available and the disease progressed. It is sad to see them atrophy as the time passes. It aches even more to look at them shrinking smaller and smaller (than the flower) each day...deep in my mind, i have always asked myself, will they make it through and survive? will they?

The Kancil UNCLE

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'tic tuck...tic tuck...tic tuck'. My car's turn signal continues ticking as I am waiting to make a right turning at a T-junction. I looked to my right and to my left again, trying to make sure it is safe for me to turn...and...suddenly a silver Kancil head popped out right beside me on the left, signalling to turn right as well. What is this UNCLE trying to do, huh? Didn't he realize that he is blocking my view?! By the way, though i called him 'uncle', he isn't any old ah pek but a young man probably in his early or mid twenties. On the road, anyone who gives me an intolerable headache will be automatically be registered and labelled as 'uncle' or 'aunty'. In case you are wondering...No!! He is NOT handsome nor is he cute and he look snobbishly rude, especially when he throws those impatient look at you with , " ahhh, i knew you are a female driver!", written all over his face.

I move a little forward to get a clearer view of cars coming from the left and this uncle too move ahead of me, entirely blocking my view again! Ok, so I may have took some time to make sure the traffic is safe for me to make a right turn but you aren't helping at all. In fact you are making the situation worse and dangerous. And I really do wonder if he has been reading the newspapers.

"...on average, 13.5 fatalities occurred in road accidents nationwide every day.
“It’s a very serious matter. We’re looking at all the
but at the end of the day it's
attitude of the motorists
Inspector-General of
Police Tan Sri Mohd Bakri Omar said.
" >>more
on this aricle

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Musa Hassan said.
. . .“Our findings during Ops Sikap IX showed that the main causes
of fatal accidents were due to motorists losing control of their vehicles,
reckless driving and
dangerous overtaking. " >>more
on this article

Both adapted from The Star Saturday Nov 12 2005.

No wonder even the ministers are fed up with this issue. (And yeah, you have definitely got a point there, Callyn.)

And finally, we both turn at the same time at that T-junction. It is a single lane road and this uncle has to refusedly let me go first. Oh yeah!By the way, thanks! So, what's your point of squeezing right beside me and blocking my view anyway? "Biar lambat asalkan selamat~lar, UNCLE."

NoT aGaIn (-.-|||)

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Sometimes history does repeat itself and usually it happens out of the norms, unexpectedly... erm, i mean very unexpectedly. Tonight, on the 9th of November year 2005, I am again being put in the limelight, given the full glare of publicity. An FOC publicity does sound a little bit too good, don't you think so? Well, it is not necessary the case if the promotion package includes a 'special undivided attention' at what people claim as the longest pasar malam (night market) in KL.

Apparently "someone-who-talks-loudly-but-never-did-meant-it" has given me a promise to buy me a balloon every week on the weekly wednesday pasar malam trip. I could not exactly remember when was the promise given and plus, if i were to really keep track, it would probably be uncountable. It has served a good purpose to use this as a 'bullet' or perhaps a 'missile' every now and then to bug, to tease and to 'shoot' (and also to 'keik') him.

Tonight, as usual was the weekly pasar malam outing. He passed by a stall selling toys and started asking if i want it. My reply to him was that he still owe me balloonS. And then again, lots of excuses was blurted out. Yeah, it is the same old radio repeating itself again...yawn...whatever. It doesn't take long till we come to a junction. The junction where a lady was standing with all the lovely balloons flying afloat in the sky merrily. At that very moment, I turned to him. The gaze that he is giving me is far worse than a killer look. It shows great determination that he is going to do it tonight. Gulp...I immediately put the best effort to stop him from doing what may spell " OH~ NO!!" to me. Undoubtedly, he is probably taking this golden advantage as a revenge on me.

And yeah, he did it. Ok, so I spent my entire journey back to hostel along the pasar malam dragging the "supposedly-to-look-cute-balloon". The pasar malam seems extra long that night and I tried my best to keep my head as still as possible at one low fixed position and avoid looking into any other people who may be looking at me. I would pay anyone to tell me what expression am I supposed to wear on my face so I will feel less awkward. I sure do not want to know what those people are thinking of. Never. Aaarrggghhh... help~!! Why am I experiencing this again...yes, again! the same year!?...my heart beat is getting faint~...

Let me tell you why is it i kept saying 'again'. It was a few months back, on the 23rd of February 2005, at a lake garden near Amcorp Mall in PJ. The night was also the ' chap goh mei' festival night where chinese people have the tradition of throwing mandarin oranges into the lake (usually the single females will do that) and guys who are still single will draw out the oranges randomly with a net. Malaysia is sure a place full of festivals and people take every single oppurtunities to party and celebrate whatever festival amd events that may be taking place. And my dear friends bought me a large bouquet of flower and I was made to carry the pretty bouquet of flower, walking around among the crowdS. Every single person i passed by had their eye stuck on me and my flower. A lot people commented as well but I can only ignore what that seems to make them envy kind of look. The story goes on...

phew..I'm glad that I am safely and comfortably sitting alone in my room now...Enough said. I need a break...


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Time: half past twelve in the morning
Alone in the room.
The night is quiet besides the sound of the bugs are 'creeking' happily, enjoying their nightly activities and the sound of fan spinning above. I reached out to on the radio and randomly tune into few channels, trying to search for a channel that will suit my current mood while the physiology book lay flat on my comfy bed. I stopped and listen to the soft, soothing voice of the DJ.

Currently listening to: 爱 FM
Topic on air: 之我的真心对话

"...we speak everyday. We have been telling and talking to people everyday but how often do we talk to ourself? ...Tonight let us speak to ourself from the bottom of our heart.

...take some time now to (关怀) show some care and concern to ourself. Speak to yourself...Communicate with yourself and understand yourself..."

Music playing at the moment: a very nice song that I havent heard for quite some time. A song with memories of the past that is pretty much cherished. The name of the song? Don't know...

A lot of text messages in reply to that was motivational and encouraging type. There are people who wish to say to themself to continue stand and cling firmly on faith and face life more courageously... And there are people wants to tell themself it is really time to let go and carry on...

The soothing, easy listening musics playing on air continues to drift my mind away...What would I like to tell myself at this moment?

Spins of thoughts

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Wheels spin... some spin faster, some slower. Perhaps, there isn't any guide to the relative speed perceived by each of us. When there is no match in the resolutions of the spinning, wouldn't it be problem to keep in pace?

Turn on the Dicovery channel or National Geographic and you can see how a plant grows, looking at every tiny, little, single detail...

and you can as well see how fast a bullet train can just "whoosh" past, without any mercy to pause
for any, any of us, to have a clear sight of it...

Some perceive that life is always moving faster than us but is that really true
? (at least wee does think this way )

There are times when things just pile up like a mountain of fuel that kept the engine running and running and running at high force continuously, chasing after every second, as if we are given few hours less every day.

And at times, when everything just suddenly levels off, reaching a plateau, I felt like a bystander watching the world around us go spinning and moving about, ignoring the little, and the almost-insignificant-me.

I have been challenging the snails and sinking comfortably behind time. How long will this comfortness last? I don't know... especially when there's an voice warning me against this.

"Well, you better study hard during these few days then", i was told by a brother last week, before this 'Deepa-Raya' break, and it has been ringing in my head, bringing a few bouts of guilt every now and then. Laziness has set deep into my bone and it is extremely stubborn go get out. On the other hand,( trying to look at the bright side), it could well serve as a nice, little rest before moving into the war field again for the war will surely go until the max till next year. (yes, next year!..pretty depressing when you come to think about missing Christmas)

Oh, is it time to repent already?? Ok, that's all for now then before I run out of time...

" What is 'It'? "

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I took a quick look at 'it' again. 'It' makes no difference from how it was seen lying there still and cold since yesterday. 'It' is so still... so still, that 'it' is barely alive ... so still that i sometimes wonder if 'it' is still there.

I've failed to feel the existence that 'your' presence has once brought. Should the remorseful feeling make any of us feel sorry? Perhaps neither ...neither should feel this way,... the best consolation we could offer.

Expectations shall be stripped away and I will try to just let it be, leaving each other in silence least 'you' put me down again...

Suddenly and randomly, I felt like writting about 'it'... " What is 'it'? " Just an object, a liveless object which has been put into a deep sleep... very deep sleep instead...