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It is another mundane day, trapped in my red, hot, room, trying to R & R. (R & R simply means rest & relax read & revise.) At this moment, it will be just great if I can

take a stroll along the beach


indulge a nice cup of drink in a cosy cafe.


End of daydreaming!

I am unfortunately doing none of those and am still sitting here, in front of messy stacks of books and notes. How nice!?

Just as my bladder volume reaches 400ml, I made my way to the toilet. And as I opened the door, I saw some brownish thingy on the wall beside the toilet bowl. It freak me out a while and I was figuring out, "What the heck is that?!"

I swear it appeared to be bigger in my visual field than it is in this picture!

As my vision is obviously not 6/6, I strained my eyes, gently took a step closer, stuck out my head like a giraffe, and guess what was it on my toilet's wall?

2 lizards "pareunia-ing"


Sigh. It is less than 48 hours before exam... And these creatures are happily 'doing it' in the bathroom.