CNY donations anyone???

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As the chinese new year approaching, i can see people are making their last call to make their new year resolutions here and there. If you haven't make yours, you better do because I don't know when will the next XXX new year or ABC new year will be. See, that's the advantage of living in Malaysia, a multi-racial country!

C'mon lets face it! We all have the lazy germs breeding happily in us, at least in me. Ok, i know I'm lazy and I'm unmotivated. Celebrating another (Chinese) new year after the new year (01/01/06) gave me rooms to procrastinate. I would always tell myself I won't need to do this yet... wait till CNY and I'll do it. It's a new year too anyway, don't you agree?

And now, the DOG is already barking outside the door and (as usual) I'm feeling so unprepared to put my words into action. Urgh. Hmm, when's the next, upcoming 'whatever' new year anyway?

Well,alrite! Ok! Ok! I know! Why do it later when you can do it now, rite?! Hmmph... perhaps some motivation will be a good kick-start to start this brand new year?

Please click to the 'DONATE' icon above to give ME a Chinese New Year Ang Pau- a BIG one preferrably.Thank you! =)

Here is 10 gOoD reasons to gimme an Ang Pau:

  1. As a motivation for me. And if i'm motivated, I can start motivating YOU too and you can re-motivate me again and the chain goes on to oTheRs tOo!!! Doesn't that sound great? But right now, I need the motivation...please?
  2. Blessed is the one who give...
  3. I am broke.
  4. I said "Please" and "Thank You"
  5. I need to buy new pair of sandals. My sister just broke the last one.
  6. I know you ARE a kind person.
  7. I will remember you.
  8. I will remember your good deeds.
  9. I will use the money wisely, I promise.
  10. It's Chinese New Year.

AnOther additional reasOn:

11. I will share it with T'ng Eine. (FYI, He is working overseas now and has not been receiving ang paus for the past 3 yrs)

Till then, then have a happy and blessed Chinese New Year everybody! and..psst...remember my Ang Pau-S yea! =)

Something about Penang

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I have never thought that the longitudinal difference between Penang and KL is of such great significance (you’ll know why) until we, 8 of us, the KL-ites, Klang-ites & Johor-ian, stumbled upon this small island…

We left Klang around 11am in a yackety-yak spirit but that did not last long. Half an hour later, people had already begun plugging tiny little buds that sing into their ears and lay back in a more ‘comfortable’ position. But, Hello! How comfortable can it be when the bus is taking around 6 freaking hours to reach Penang?! And so, we were finally freed from the bus hostage and yEaY! At last! We were finally fed with food around 5pm; and that was our LUNCH. We were all very hungry but the hungriest are still Joe and Jeevan. Not only did they take 3 helpings each but I think they almost wanted to swallow all the plates and cutleries as well. No kidding, really!

After filling our stomach, we were brought to our shelter in Condo Gembira, which literally means Happy Condo. Ok, we were all happy and we lived there happily ever after. The End.

Chris’ condo was superb and cool. (Note that I said Chris’ condo, NOT Chris. Hehe) He has his own unit all by himself. What can a boy like him ask for more? He is not even 21, but have already accomplished two out of the five great ‘C’s; cash and condo! Give him another few more years, you shall see him having the entire ‘C’ thingy on his hand. Way to go, Chris! Oh, his family? Not to worry. They are great and he has got a real cool mom. All of us had a great time with his mom. She shared with us fascinating stories about our dear Chris and none of us could stop laughing. And on second thought, we all agreed that it would be better to leave Chris at home and hang out with his mom instead coz it is way more fun. But too bad, he is always keeping us away from his mom. Sigh. Despite all that I’ve said, some words of warning to all the vulnerable girls out there, don’t get too near Chris. He has ‘commitment phobic disorder’ and he is ‘playful’

After waiting for all the guys to wash up and put on their make-ups, we headed to the Kapitan at Gurney’s and had yummy tandoori chick-ies. Yup, that’s our dinner around 9pm. We lingered around the polluted looking beach for a while before driving to Hui Ying’s place. Her house was cool and unique. Her garden is outside the house compound at the first floor!! *blink!* After she got some of her stuffs to stay overnight at Chris’ place, we all crashed back at his Happy Condo. Oh yeah, not to forget, Jeevan stole a very useful tool from Hui Ying’s house. The SAHIBA set! Poor boy, he probably thought that it was real money in there. Haha. But anyway, all of us enjoyed playing Black Jack with the 'money'; not a bad entertainment afterall and you'll get to see Noah go bankrupt all the time. lolZ.

It was already 1am when we were back but few of them decided to go out “Dota”. The rest of us stayed back. Rest time? Nope, it was just the perfect time for late night movies. Thanks to Chris’ DVD collections, we never run out of DVDs to watch. They played Dark Water and Flight Plan that night morning. I could barely hold my eyelids up anymore after the first movie and I went ZZZzzz after that. And just as the sun started to rise, Khai Hon started clicking the tv buttons and before you realized, we were all up early in the morning watching tv. (By the way, it was a live award ceremony.) Yawn!

After having our LUNCH around 4pm, we went through some really winding roads to reach Batu Ferringhi. And our main activity for that day was water sports. We got a great deal ( lotsa people told me it was) and we did para-gliding, jet skiing and banana boat. All three for RM 100, isn’t that a good deal? I thought I got the best deal because they told me that they’ll cut my string off while para-gliding and that I’ll land in Indonesia, with no extra charge. But it was rather disappointing. They are bad, con men! They got me nowhere! I was still stranded at the small island…I want my money to be refunded!!! Hehe. Kidding. Anyway, we had real fun time over there. But, thousand apologies to Chris. I did not mean to make you deaf or anything. It was sort of like a spontaneous reaction. So sowwweeee~!!! I know I did get a bit paranoid but the ride was really really fun, especially at high speed. Haha. Later that night, we had our dinner around 11pm. And by that time, I was quite convinced that Malaysia is a multi time zone country. Funny but true, we all sleep and eat at weird time in Penang. Blah. Who cares anyway, most importantly we had fun! Fun fun and fun! Haha.

We went to Batu Ferringhi again the next night after only like what seems a few minutes of shopping in Gurney Plaza because the guys were already too bored.I came out empty handed and I felt the shopaholic-me is still trapped inside. Arrgghhh~!! And it has been jailed inside for ages, how sad it is to leave the shopping world... But,on the other hand, I was reminded that my teacher taught me that we should be considerate at all times. Thus, we (the galz) decided to make a move to meet up with the guyz, who all seems to hold perfectly the title: Desperate Hubbies”…hahaha. We went to Gurney Drive and had our dinner there. Let me tell you about the top 5 highlights there:

  1. Chris had a love at first sight. But poor boy, he was too shy to approach ‘her’.

  2. Khai Hon was sweating like a pig and he even finished the whole box of tissues from Hui Ying’s car. Hmm…I wonder what makes him felt so hot?

  3. Joe is really a monster. He eats like one! Not to mention that he and Khai Hon were the only 2 who had double lunch that afternoon. (O yea! Noah had a memorable moment in that coffee shop in Lorong Selamat, hehe) But the grand winner is still Joe, the incredible eat-er!

  4. Noah and Jeevan had one of their silliest moment. Just throw this question, “What is it that Noah is drinking?" and they will answer you in one voice, “It’s bubur..cha-cha-cha”, whilst moving their body with some cha-cha dance movements that will guarantee to make you puke. Actually, I doubt that it was bubur cha cha because not long after, Noah started to dig some green coloured sago and attempted to sell it at high price to me, saying that it was some slimming oracles. I bet it was alcohol! hehe =P

  5. Khai Hon and Jeevan coached me to tell a lie. I was keeping the tickets to Memoirs of Geisha, which we bought earlier on but I denied when Chris was asking about it. I had to confess when he started to call Nithya. Hmm, wait!wait! Some back track here. Back to Gurney Plaza earlier that evening. It has been quite some time that I’ve done something crazy and kinda embarrassing. Guess what we did? Chris grabbed my legs and started carrying me around. Yes, in that shopping mall! Thank goodness I don’t live in Penang. Well, applause for him; for carrying a weight much heavier than he himself. Happy? *blek =P

Oh yea! I was saying, we went to B.Ferringhi again that night. We went to the night market and it was quite fruitful; we all got something and I enjoyed it a lot.

Hmm, I began to feel that this is going a bit too long. Okie-dokie, I’ll just cut the crap. Early on the 19th, we were all feeling kinda sad because we are all leaving the Happy Condo. All of us had heaps of fun under one roof and on one island during our 4D 3N stay and now it's time to leave... We gave each other some hugz and … “Buhbye! Penang!” *sniff..sniff…

It was a quiet journey back KL because all of us are sort of in a knock-off state. I ache all over and every single movement made was just plain difficult and ached lots. As far as I’m concerned, almost all of us fell sick after the trip. The first thing that popped up in my mind was, it must be a Penang curse! Haha. Just joking. Yesterday when I saw May Ching, she was still voiceless. As for me, right till now, my throat is still aching and those stubborn little coughs are still refusing to go away. Shoo! CNY is here and don’t spoil it!

Finally,look at what Penang has done to us...the picture says it all ;)

2005 in a glimpse...

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It was a special year. I can now skip all those consent letters that I need to get signatures from mom and dad. And like what most have been telling me, I am now permitted to enter the casino and I’m eligible to vote in the coming election, not like I bother much about all these anyway. 21st birthday are special to a lot of people. It marks the point where the butterfly finally flaps its wing out of the cocoon; it gives an impression where the (ugly) duckling finally turns into a graceful & pretty swan. However, that is only the fairy tale side of it.

Funerals, birthdays, farewells and wedding… a complete combo of occasions and events for one year. I know couples who broke up but I too have witnessed how the magnetic force of the cupid arrows brought two souls together as one. While some has lost love, some has found love, and yet some are
still searching for it…

If you were to ask me what is the sweetest moment of the year, I don’t think I would be able to answer. Not because it was a sad, bitter, brewed cup of coffee… but simply because it was perfectly sweetened with a few indistinguishable-which-is-the-best sugar for me to pick on. All the sweet moments that each of you (, yes, you!) has brought have never failed to bring a smile. Frankly speaking, all these would not have existed without you; it feels the best when shared together. I can’t see what is ahead of us and how will time change each of us but for all that we shared, I can only treasure and cherish it because that is all that I have. And of course, how could I forget? Thanks… Hopefully, we will still find the reason to smile in the time to come.

I’m growing, more mature, hopefully, and my cumulative experience has showed me the ugly side of guys. Well, ok, not to forget I too discovered some soft spots and the ‘gentleman’ side of guys. To cut things short, I think that guys are capable of tossing you up and throwing you down, beyond what words can describe.

Sweet and sour seems to come together. Take it or leave it. Would you rather take a tasteless and plain dish? Nah! And since I’ve get to keep those sweet memories, I guess I would have to take the other as well. Tears or laughter; sweet or sour; they are all part and parcel of experience and believe it or not, I trust that all that has been given from above are at our best interest.

Here comes the sour part: I have experienced how disappointments taste like and for obvious reasons, I don’t like it at all. It is no easy task trying to live with disappointments. The villagers only gave the little shepherd who lied about the wolf’s cry two chances. By the third time he called for help, though it is for real this time, his’ call was ignored. My point is, ‘trust’ is really fragile. So, do handle with care. Or my faith will just go fainter and fainter until it is completely gone.

How do one judge when it comes to lying for the benefit of another’s, rather than the other way round? Lie to me, tell me it’s good and nice and bla bla… and just before I dwell in your sweet answers, I found out the naked truth. Sigh. Should I be thankful? Maybe I should. If not, I would have been like a stupid girl sitting there thinking all these is true. You thought you were protecting me from words and comments that might be harmful and hurtful, but did you know that you are doing exactly what you were trying to prevent? For all the trust that I’ve put...
2005 in a glimpse; I have felt disappointed, I felt somewhat betrayed, I’ve walked into depression (but thank God, I’ve walked out of it as well), and I have been hurt.

And talking about ‘H-U-R-T’. I wonder if you would ever know how bad it hurts.
“Yes! Ouch! It really hurts.” I don’t know what do you want from me but please, hear my plea,
“please don’t test my endurance any further...”

Now as I’m sitting here alone in my melancholic loneliness, I am thinking…thinking and thinking…what should I do? How do I learn to deal with life better this year? Life will not always deal us with good cards; we have to learn to play the bad cards well.
to be con't

Time to reformat!

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Why do we sum up things that we did in the past year? And why do people draw out new resolutions as New Year approaches? Is it a tradition? Is it contagious? Or perhaps a New Year is just not complete without all these. It’s the hot topic for this season. Everybody has their New Year Resolutions (NYRs) all set in their mind, whether just for a mere purpose of “doing-it-because-everyone-is” or they are really solid goals that are to be accomplished without any excuse. Well, if you are ‘kiasu’ enough, you will probably be trembling every time the New Year aura sweeps across you and yet you still have NO resolution(s) for the coming 2006!?

On the other hand, there are people who are trying to be indifferent. Not a bad idea as well when you come to look at it. More are actually concerned on how to keep your NYRs rather than making one. Since you can’t keep it, why make it? That was exactly what I was thinking of few years ago and so, I have decided just to go with the flow, NO NYRs!! YeaY~!

But…last year, things somehow changed. Our
youth fellowship leader made us write it down on little cardboards, which will then be the bookmark for our Holy Bible. We put everything in prayers and the bookmark was then nicely placed in the Bible. Well, I would say it is really a good reminder of what you’ve cast unto the Lord, if you have been constantly on your daily bible reading. And hey! I scored more or less 70 %. I was surprised as well. I did not even think I would be anywhere near halfway to make my NYRs a reality. I owe it to Him.

Alright, time for some sum up. Reasons? Hmm…let’s put it this way. Say I’ve just bought a new computer on 01/01/05. And all the happenings have been downloaded and installed here and there. Every now and then, of course it will be infected with spy wares and viruses. Not to forget those safety measures, it has been a norm to run the scans and clear my computer from those filthy pests. Deleted some files, got few program, documents and files organized a bit and here we are… on a brand new year again. But still, it would be appropriate to sort the things if I do not wish to start 2006 with a messy desktop. In other words, it is time to reformat the computer!

to be con't...


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"Klinik Kesihatan Jinjang Utara." Thats it! This is the place! We drove in to the small compund and parked right beside the Jinjang dental clinic (,which is just beside the community clinic). I stood at the entrance and, this is how a community clinic looks like...

People are hustling in and out of the single storey building. All seems to be immersed in their own micro activity. Some are holding little cardboards, flipping it back to front and front to back again. Some are checking on the packets of pills prescribed. Some are scribbling. Some are talking. While some just stares blankly.

There is queue here and there and everywhere. Short queues, long queues. Crooked lines and straight lines. It is hard to tell how long they have been waiting and how many more queues to go before they are done. Red numbers are blinking here and there, directing the patient traffics to their respective consultation rooms. Occasionally, the nurses will pop their head out of the rooms and yelled out some name. The pharmacists too, are calling for patients to collect their prescribed medications. Bewildered by the noice and the crowds, I seems to be the only stationary object standing at the entrance.

Thank God! Everything went quite smoothly. We met with the nurses' head, a nice lady with a sweet smile. She brought us to see a doctor, didn't manage to get her name though. And after a few quick questions from her, it is more or less sorted out. It didn't take long and I don't think we should be taking much of her time because when we were in her room, patients and nurses were coming in and out, interrupting our conversations. But then again, we are actually the one disturbing. I overheard a few things while I was standing in her little, compact room which makes me go "whoa!"

Patient: Doktor, saya sudah lama batuk. Makan ubat pun masih batuk.
< Doctor, I have been coughing for quite some time, even after medications >

Doctor: Mmm...( flipping the patient's records), apa ubat awak ambil?
< Mmm...(flipping the patient's records), what medications did you take?>

Patient: Tak tau...Saya pergi Hospital Selayang, mereka kata jantung saya ada lubang...
< Don't know...I went to Selayang Hospital and they said there's a hole in my heart...>

A nurse came in and the patient was put on hold. I don't recall her knocking the door but anyway, she came in and showed the doctor a patient's profile, who was referred to a hospital but was sent back here for medication. But, wait!! I mean..whoa! a hole in the heart, doesn't that sounds serious to you?

Nurse: Doctor, this patient was referred to the hospital but now they sent him back here for medication.

Doctor: (looking at the profile)...blood sugar level is twenty plus..oh,ok.. i see...this patient was refered because of uncontrolled diabetes.

Doctor: Kaki dia sudah potong ah?
(in a very 'selamba' tone)
< has he got his leg amputated?>

*blink! blink!* Whoa! all these people are talking as if all these are nothing but normal, mundane happenings.

After getting the stuffs settled, we were then introduced to two IMU's students who are also doing their posting there. My gut shrinks and twist tightly. One of them was holding a notebook while observing whatever those people are doing. Gosh! I felt like I got shot by a shrinking machine and the few nanometres me is now shaking hands with the two gigantic IMU girls. But one of them do look really nice, pretty and sweet though...I figure out that I'll probably like her better. Haha. Hope we can all get along when we are starting our postings soon though it seems that the doctor and nurses are quite keen to get us started right at that moment.