Saying "I'm Sorry"

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Really cute video!

I was practically giggling when watching this short video but at the same time I found that it has beautifully animated out its own meaning in a cute-ish way, which words alone are hard to describe.

It was pretty cute to see those dollies blinking with their innocent, 'button-y' eye. It gives you a feeling of pure innocense as they dance along. Somehow, somewhat, sometime, damages just happen. Perhaps it is accidental or unintentional. And, out of good will, love, or care, the "supposed-to-be-fixing phase" comes. But,...

"Oopps! Look what have you done?!"

So kesian. :(

Anyway, hope you'll find the same appreciation,... enjoy! ;)

Trip to Pulau Kapas & Pulau Gemia

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(from left to right)

1. KBC - the place we stayed overnight for RM50. Won't say it is cheap though. It is just a room with 2 beds and a pathetic table fan, that's all.

2. Noted while strolling along the beach. The tree with the special pair of hands.

3. Just me, posing :)

(from left to right, 1st row...2nd row)

1. Went canoing for about 1.5 hours! The rate is not too bad. Cost us only about RM15 for the whole activity. You can get the best rate (as far as I am concerned) at Makcik Gemuk. (just beside KBC). And plus, it is nearer to canoe to Gemia Island from there.

2. The first 'island' conquered. (nothing there but a collection of rocks)

3. The ultimate challenge for that day; Gemia Island! A small, dainty, quiet, and nice island. Did I mention it is a private island? Yeapz! But we are still allowed to go 'lepak' around.
This is the view of resort rooms in the private island ;)

4. Baby turtle! (in Gemia Island)

On the way...

We passed by a little cave on our way to Gemia. There were bats flying and shrieking away while those 'mat sallehs' in the water scooped and wet those flying creatures. I was really tempted to canoe through that cave though.

On the way...

There were really nice views if you would just look under the water. Canoe leisurely. Stop. Look down. And enjoy the amazing lives underwater! The water was so clear that even I managed to snap clear underwater pictures! Cool aye!

Time flies. And the next thing we realized is that it is morning already and it is time to go back. If I were to recommend you KBC, my only reason would be that the place is operated by Dutch and Malaysians! Really cute guys! *drool* And hot, pretty girls too of course! :D

Goodbye, Kapas!

The driver doing the "sweep" thingy... cool ^.^

Overall, it was a nice and relaxing trip. There is nothing much in Kapas Island. You will see resorts lining along the beach and basically thats all. There are few places that offers water activity. You can do things like snorkelling, diving, boat riding, canoing, and fishing. However, I did not notice any para-gliding, banana boat, or adventures of this sort offered over there. Nonetheless, Kapas is nice in its own way. Quiet and nice. It reminds me of the guy in 'The Lotus Eater' who fell in love with Capri Island (the one in the SPM English literature's short story).

I spent most of the time on the beach and plus electricity is only available form 7pm to 7am. It is not really windy over there though. After dinner, star gazing session is just perfect as the dessert. There will be few tiny bonfire set up over the beach too. Everything is just plain relaxing. Stroll around short while, lie down to enjoy the majestic picture of stars across the sky, and then call it a night.

Besides the not so comfy accomodation over there, I have no other complain. It was convenient to go (From Marang jetty, it takes about 10 to 15 mins of boat ride to reach. From Kuala Terengganu to Marang, a bus ride will only cost about RM2 or less, depending on your stop). The people there were nice (and some even makes you go drooling too! ). And you can get 'edible-but-not-so-expensive' food there as well. Had my lunch in Warong Pak Ya and you can get a plate of fried rice there starting from RM5. Cool rite?

In short, this 1D 1N Kapas-Gemia trip was really lovely and relaxing :)


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He sure can snore quite loud :D
Hm mm... I was just wondering, how many flies can fly into his mouth?
Take your guess!

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Project-24 (IV)

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My voice echoed through and then it was dead silence again. There was creeping sense of silence as though there were no inhabitants in this space. I left out a soft sigh. The clearly, empty space had amplified the audible decibels again.

No wonder all the voices went unheard. There were no signs of living being at all.

You'll know when

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I was standing at the corridor, talking on the phone, when I saw one of my friend past by, carrying a parcel mail. I've always envy those who get to collect mails. It always feels nice to get something from your postman, especially those that you didn't-know-it's-coming or have been anticipating it. Whatever it is, joy and 'yeay-fulness' says it all. As much as I would like to experience the joy, I did not really get to feel that much, except for the monthly bills! And,that's crap.

Anyway, I happened to casually popped the question out,

"Hey, how come you never send me things?"

You'll know that you are living in a 'world of advanced communication and technology' when you get this in reply:

"Eh, got. But now I'm starting to run out of things to send you in Facebook."


(it makes me go, "What the....???!!!! FACEBOOK huh?" *slap forehead!* OK, my mistake. I forgot what era am I living at.)