Find me a square!

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I wonder...

...if there is really any 'fair and square' in the reality?

When 'it' turns into a burden...

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There was this 2 brothers who just got back from a far away land. They lived in an apartment, in the 80th floor.

Upon entering the building, they saw a big sign hung outside the lift saying it is under repair.

And, they decided to go up by stairs.

They started climbing up one flight of stairs after another.

At the 20th floor, they felt the bag weighed them down too much. This elder brother came out with an idea, "These bags are really too heavy. Why don't we leave our bags here first? When the lift is functioning again, we will come and take our bags".

The idea sounded good. Hence, they left their bags there and continued climbing.

After walking up 40 storeys, this younger brother stopped. He sat there, soaked in sweat, panting in hunger for air, refusing to move.

Not wanting to give up, the elder brother encouraged him. "We are almost there. Only 20 floors more. C'mon! We are reaching already. Just a bit more."

The younger brother gave in.

And they continued their journey.

Finally, they reached their unit.


...when they wanted to open their apartment's door, they were shocked!

To their horror, they realized that the house key was not with them!!!

The house key was in their bag, all the way down in the 20th floor.

- The End -

Move! Move! Move!

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With the new year spirit still fresh in all, it is a good time to change into a new skin like how all those shell-creatures or snake do. Shed off the old and stale. Leave it behind and move! Move into a brand new year.

Every new year, most of us will do the same ritual. Good ones, we prayed for it to stay. And we worked for the better. Bad ones, we swore to strip it off. Whatever it is, we all hope we are moving into a better year.

New year or not, many things have taken place all these years. There may be changes in some things but the rest remains the same. Some changed too fast. So fast that we could not even catch up. While others seem frozenly dormant, remaining the same or similar every year.

New year. Changed or same. For the better or worse. We move.

But, are we moving forward? Or are we just moving in circles?

1 Malaysia?

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With so much going about, trying to promote "1 Malaysia", I still could not appreciate the core of this campaign.

What is "1 Malaysia", if we cannot even agree on "1 perkataan" (1 word)?

Will someone enlighten me, please...