When Christmas have no reasons to be merry...

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24th Dec 2008,

Christmas eve

Her progress fluctuates just like a roller coaster. She improves few days, deteriorates, and improves. I believe there is not a single system in her body was spared. She went in with liver enzymes sky high, found out to have cholecystitis, drainage done, had a cholecystectomy done upon noting that it is no longer functioning (dye injected past few days was still there). And five days later, she had an heart attack. It was scary enough to see how much she laboured for air. But she was strong. She improved. All the AF and tachy were no longer there. Then, her kidneys seems to be shutting down. Few dialysis were done. The nephrologist is happy with the improvement in this 89 years old lady. She is starting to pass more urine and even the urinary cathether was off today when I came to visit. Few times the doctors have commented on her remarkable recovery from all these stressors. Miraculous indeed. We were all thankful. Out of a sudden, she started to be confused and was hallucinating yesterday. At some point, they even have to restrain her arms from pulling off things off her body.

I went in this morning. She was still confused and hallucinating but less aggressive. Didn't manage to conversate with her properly. Stayed with her till 3pm. She was sleeping (plus moving her hands around) all the while. I barely see her awake. Didn't get to feed her anything. I went and pass the car to dad. Mom and dad does the evening shifts nowadays. Just before mom came home, the Dr called said they were unable to wake her up but she is still alive.

Mom and dad was still on their way there when my uncle informed that her systems has already collapsed. She won't make it through.

I held my breath and read through the sms again.

About an hour later, I received another sms.

She stopped breathing a while ago but she came back shortly. It is as if she was waiting,... waiting for someone. I with held the information, prepared a decent christmas eve dinner for granny. At about 11pm dad called, finally giving the grren light to go visit grandaunt, for the last time. We braved through the christmas eve jam. We arrived in that familiar room. When the world is celebrating in joy, here in that room, it was totally the opposite.

Dad and mom brought granny home. Relatives left shortly, one by one. I told them I would stay. I stayed. Slowly, and quietly... she left us.

6.44 a.m. , 25th Dec 2008, Christmas Day. It is also the day she left.

When the mewing and barking won't stop...

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Everyday I sat on my chair, listening to the rhythm of the falling rain. I woke up hearing the same music. I even fell asleep listening the same thing.

"Did someone forgot to turn the tap "off" 'up there'?" I would sometimes ask.

'tap-tap-tap...'. The tapping sounds continued.

Sometimes it would pour for few days, paused briefly, and rained again. And when it is raining continuously like now, the rhythm is actually not at all monotanous. It has alternating notes of 'cats-and-dogs' with 'kittens-and puppies', and also the soft drizzling notes.

Hmmm... come to think of it, should record this sound of monsoon nature. The splash and splatter could earn me money! Tee~ hee~...

Anyway, the rain was really heavy just now and the water rised fast. The scene of me squatting on my roof, with an umbrella, waiting for officers to come for rescue in a boat snapped into my mind. I turned to my housemate and told her, "You should have bought a sampan too." She said we should walk to the hospital instead. It is a good experience. I told her I would rather not go in reply and went of to take some pictures instead. Well, okay...that conversation was random and not really of any importance actually. Here are some pictures:

The drain level in front of my house. And this side of the road without cars was flooded.

The flood.

My house's 'longkang' (drain). Water level reaching critical.

If the rain is still pouring generously, that will mean danger! But, phew! Thank God. The rain has gone softer now.

The Good Samaritans.

And, last but not least, the picture of these group of people who were so kind. They stood with umbrella and their feet soaked in the flood water to warn and direct the drivers and motorcyclists away from the high water level ahead.