[scribble:] 28th feb '07

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That day I saw a man;

A man with brittle stem of hope,

haunted by the black shadows

that gambles off soil, light, water,

and the broken vase

A picture dear to the heart;

An image that saddens my soul

Thoughts raced over

murmuring knots thrown over

And I kneeled over

to speak to our Father


may your gracious providence

be shown to your dear child

may you open & show the way

when everything seems tightly shut

And today

I am truly happy

to see the gleam of hope

brightly shone once again

in the man I saw that day


I know you are always here

with us

Thank you,

Thank you for answering my prayer

Thank you for your great mercy and blessings

Thank you

"I need"

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They said procrastination is an addiction. And well, I am very addicted to it. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to start

I need to focus

I need to concentrate

I need to start preparing

And I need to stop procrastinating

I am stuck

I need God

I need help

I am lost

I need guide

I am weak

I need strength

I need motivation

I need empathy

I need everything I need

to walk through

to pass my pre-clinical years

then my clinical years

and to become what God wants me to be


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Am I worried?

I could not hide

What is there to do

Than to pray it through

As I grow

year by year

I gradually lost 'the touch'

Birthdays during childhood,

cakes and McD will do the trick;

Birthdays during teenage,

cakes and craziness makes the day

Cakes and candles

Gifts and presents

Is that what birthday is all about?

It is coming

But no tiny bits of crackles of anticipation

I could feel

I wish I could

It is coming

But yet no sprinkle of joy

I could feel

I wish I could

Whats worth celebrating?

I wish I know

If I could stop something

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If I could stop something

I would not stop the time

I would say,

"Stop asking"

"Stop asking why did I lost much weight"

"Stop asking about her"

"Stop asking about him"

"Stop asking about me"

"Stop asking about this"

"Stop asking about that"

"Stop asking me questions"

"Stop asking altogether"

[p/s- note: Blog is one of my outlet, it can be like a diary. I just wish to write. If nothing is seen, the choice of read is yours. I would not be responsible for any depressing damage it may do.]

对不起, 请问..

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爸, 妈,








上帝说: "当孝敬父母" (出埃及記 20:12)


















Reunion Dinner

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Last Sunday, February the 11th, I had our reunion dinner with my extended family (all first, second, and third degree relatives) of paternal side. As usual our family dinner is held at the Damansara Palace Restaurant. Since my cousins have gradually expanded our Lim's family, some will 'sub' and have their own reunion dinner on CNY eve. So prior to CNY, there we are gathering and feasting together.

Took a few snapshots during the dinner:

my 'sort-of-nephews' (i think)

Actually, they are my grandfather's brother's wife's sister's grandchildren, so what do I call them? ...and yeah, the one in red is one of his twin brothers.

my mother and I

One of the twins took this picture for us, after me teaching them. Lovely isn't it :)

fried rice, the 2nd last dish (before dessert)

One of the twins, who sat beside me, forced me to take this picture. How? He kinda like threatened me and refused to eat unless I snap a picture of his bowl of fried rice and show it to him.

Didn't take much picture and that's about it, our 'dog/pig' year family reunion dinner.

Be-earlied Birthday Celebration

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clockwise: with the beautiful galz; with the guyz;
................... my cake; my new roomate.

Date: 9th Feb 2007

Time: 5pm - 12 midnite

Programs & activities:

  • Dinner at Samosa Cafe
  • "Blow candles+ make prayers (/wishes)+ cut the cake" tradition.
  • Received a big, cutie, birthday present.
  • Movie in GSC Mid Valley:- The Devil Wears Prada

Thanks, people! Like the gift, like the cake, enjoyed the day. Thank you so much :)

the 9th morning

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................................................................................................................09 feb '07

The first glimpse of rays breaking through.
Another new morning; another new day.


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看了一片又一片心疼的 blog entry后








一步一步的陪伴, 带领


Today, Yesterday & Tomorrow

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Today would not have happened
if we did not decide about yesterday

how would our tomorrow be
is on what we do today

glance back yesterday,
the reflection that placed us here today

see that our decisions today
will trace out our tomorrow

for when tomorrow comes
it is not a time to make a change...


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the breezes strongly slapped in;
I looked out and up upon,
and tonight,
this is the image I captured...

A touch of moonlight,
sinks the earth in a different way.