One Case Down

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"OMG!" It felt as if my heart is going to drop out or jump out.

Couldnt' sleep. Woke up much easier and earlier compared to usual. Slept less than 4 hours and I was in the MOPD waiting area for about an hour before being called in. Palpitation!

Surgical long case means medical short cases. Deadly combination.

I can't help but to utter, "Shit!" in reflex when being told about that. Especially it is an Ortho case which is completely my Achilles heel! Now I felt so sorry for saying that in front of my lecturer, "Sorry, Dr.M". I hope you know it comes to me like a dead sentence.

I was "gagap-ing" the whole way. Mind block and "Errsss". Which are totally poor prognostic factors!

Worse still, I mentioned left foot pathology as right foot! Gah! What the heck am I thinking?! The examiners sure will be thinking that this girl is worse than kindergarten student's level on anatomy.

Dorsal mentioned as ventral. Ah!!! (screaming at the top of my lungs, "Where did my brain go?!") Walao. Gagap. Gagap. gagap. All the way. Ish.

I don't really understand what they wanted, one shuffeled me to perform examination with running commentary, the other one kept telling "You got no time and you have done this already, right?" ....blur....



2 more shots.

2 more case to go.

Brain, please come back.