shared joy is double joy

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(I am emo. This is random. But still, shared joy is double joy!)

I should really go do some book mugging for tomorrow's test already, but then, I thought, "ah,... why not just open Facebook a second to see if there is anything interesting update. And geez! I saw pictures of my friend in graduation hood & gown. There goes another one, leaving for the graduated group of people. But, I am really happy for her. A truly dedicated & smart girl whom I respect for all her diligence. "Congrats, Dr. Tee!" :)

Don't get me wrong. For all those who have graduated, I felt the same shot of happiness for you people. All of you have my heartfelt congratulations. Really. It is just that, I think I am a bit emo today. As I browsed through her pictures, my tears just welled up in my eyes. And I felt as if something is stucked on my throat. I am sure for all the hard works you toiled, it has done your parents pretty pretty proud of you. I wonder when is my turn? And will the day really come?

Recalling the pictures that I have been browsing in Facebook this week, it has really been nice to see those sweet smiles on those who have just graduated, those who have just got engaged, and those who have just built their own family. It is all very wonderfully captured. I love those pictures. Very much.

Better not drift on, and should really get back walking... on my own journey again!

Project-24 (V)

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Prey & Predator

The duel.


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Whenever you are filling a form which requires you to detail out personal data, what do you usually put in the "Hobbies" column? By the way, sleeping is not a valid entry. Someone told me that, some teacher of mine I think.

Back at the days of primary school, I used to put hobbies like collecting stamps, playing badminton, reading,... etc. Then as I grew, changing my pinafore from dark blue's to sky blue's, I had a little hard time to think what are my hobbies then. I had pretty much stopped doing those stamps collecting thingy. I still played badminton but that was already more of an occasional activity when my pink flourescent racquet spoilt. (My sister's was fluorescent green! Was really pretty, okay..!) Reading is still in the list though. In fact, reading has always been in my list. Unfortunately, I read lesser & lesser nowadays. And by that, I meant reading for leisure.

I believe a lot of people put reading as one of their hobbies too. Whether its for convenience sake, or just to create a better profile, reading is undeniablly a good hobby. Reading is great! I could not name you all the benefits of reading, give it a try & you'll know it! :)

I was browsing internet & reading blogs today, when I found out about this interesting event - "Read while Waiting Project" :

Since I'm unable to participate it, I am doing my part to share it here and hope some of you will find the interest to join and spread the word. :)

23rd Aug 2008 @ KL Sentral. Area in front of KFC, Dunkin Donuts & KTM Komuter entrance. (Malaysia)

So, that is this Saturday @ 3.oopm - 3.15pm! All you need to do is just read! ;)

You can find more informations on this event here:

and you can even join them in Facebook:

Remember the message, "Read while Waiting" ;)