I'm having a BIG head

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I am now at the point where I am feeling like stress to the max. I owe it all to the sudden surge of tasks which need immediate attention and action. Everything is up with glaring red flag, signalling for great urgency, giving me nothing but a BIG head.
And when i said sudden, it means unexpected. Unexpectedly tells that I am not prepared nor did it come across my mind that this will occur. Let alone the sudden attack is enough to give me a headache and make my head big big. With all the attached deadlines in short notice, that is like pumping extra large amount of stress booster, enough to cause an enormous increase of pressure and make me go like this:

hmmph, that looks rather constipated.

Yes, a little pressure helps to move us forward. I agree. But when the pressure exceeds, it makes us stumbling down instead.

My friend told me this in reply:

Pressure won't make things tumble, if it is evenly spread out among everyone...but if the pressure falls on a point or just one person, then it will really go tumbling down.

Very well said. That makes sense, and I too hope to find people to help share and spread out the pressure as well. But where to and how to spread to everyone when I can't find anyone? sigh.

And as the pressure within continue to build, I will probably end up like that:

Note to all: I would prefer you to bring me any flowers but the normal, old crysanthemum you see on any other graves.

With special thanks to mr bestman for the pair of attentive ears. You helped to keep my head intact. hehe. Thanks a million =)

what was it tht i was doing?

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Another week deducted from my semester break. Time sure has passed really fast especially when one is occupied with stuffs and activities. People are wondering what have been keeping me occupied. When asked about this, words did not really manage to crawl out of my throat. Perhaps this is some kind of 'holiday redundancy syndrome'. It is like, yeah... what is it that I'm busy with huh? ermm...hmmm....well, there's something... but what is it huh?

Now you see the effect of a too long break does to you? It kills brain cells and cause some certain degree of very apparent reduncancy, especially those requiring spontaneous reaction.

After given much ample time, I recall in detail what did i basically do for all the big chunks of free time. I'm like a part time housewife now. I do some basic house chores everyday, from sweeping to helping in the kithcen. Ever wonder what does housewives do all day long in the house? Those basic tasks to make and maintain a house as a home are what those that has consumed all the time and energy. Salutes to all great moms and houswives! =)

Though I am not anywhere close to be fitted the tittle 'housewife' yet, but my current daily activities are pretty much similar to what the woman in your home does. Take my words, it is no easy job. But of course, I can't compare with them. So that are what I was doing. I wasn't occupied by nothing.

BUT, some of my uni mates are really seemed to be consumed by boredom. You never know what boredom can do to you. This particular classmate of mine told me that he is so bored that he is going mad. You'll understand better if u read what he said:

Him: sooo mad that i am scheming plans to take over the world. even writing my political speeches of victory

Me: can i read it?

Him:u want me to type it out now ???

Me:u serious ?

Him: i got no prob. i am so bored that i will do anything now to keep my self busy.here it is:

first day in the global campaign of world domination
Fellow people of this earth
to long have u been opressed by corrupt men of power
those who have used your blood n sweat to seal their own seat of power
but not for long i say
for a new power shall rise
the power of fear to those who think their are the power now
I 'XXX' shall be the bringer of doom to them
but for this to occur
i shall need the people's strength n honour
for that i summon u , free people of their soul n mind
to accompany me in this global domination
the rise of the 'XXX' Empire
cannot be stoped
the fire of the new empire shall spread
from coast to coast
engulfing those who oppose it
I shall crush those who stand in my way
for a better world a few saccrifices has to be taken
a few have to be ed
for the greater the lest then perfect must be removed
for perfection
I a rule for perfection

support for the rise of the new Empire
give your mind n body to me
let me be your mind
with it peace shall prevail
the Doom Guards shall be unleashed to those who oppose the comming legion
we shall fight them in every front that they meet us
mercy must not to be shown to the weak ones
for I can't afford mercy in the name of perfection
so what say u
are u with me
or against the comming empire of gloryfication
The 'XXX' Empire

Me: against?

Him: then u shall be my first victim in the name of perfection
u shall be purified in the eyes of the non-believers
for their worthless stand against me

Me: -_-"

Him: u shall live the living death torture
Him: how was it? u see i am getting mad

Me: i see that. lucky enuf u realize tht

Him: how can i control my thrist for domination on those who live
i need blood in my hands
i need the sound of pain to relax myself
i need to feel the pure taste of bood
how do i quench the lust for scream of pain
i need to inflict pain
missery i must cause
for in chaos that we humans shine the most


Now you see the horror that can strike when boredom settles?

OK, as for now I'm thinking if there's any part time jobs I could take before my routines turn me into a scary, mad human like my friend. Employment from now till June, anyone??

A walk to remember

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In Federal Hotel...

Make ups and hairdo, yupz...we are now all set. Just waiting for the groom to pass all the tough tests to get his wife-to-be =)

Anna and I in the hotel room. Doesn't she just look like a little princess? With her sweet smile, her look is just so beautiful and mesmerizing...

And now, for the final 'test' before you are allowed to get the bride.

Ready for it, Edmund? Okies, give us 10 great reasons why you want to take Anna as your wife?...time is ticking... best wishes to ya! ;)


In Imbi chapel...

A moment to keep and to treasure.

The whole world seems so still, yet it is so touching that it will sure move every single soul that was blessed to witness this precious moment. With prayers and blessings from everyone to bring this couple into one, it is the peak of the ceremony, as they hold hand in hand, uttering their solemn vow in the presence of God.

...to have and to hold from this day forward,
for better or for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish;
from this day forward until death do us part.

And as we ( the bestman and I) handed the rings over to them, it was just such an indescribable feeling, blessed with God's grace, when they finally seal their vow of love with their wedding rings.

11th March 06, it is a walk to remember. On that day, they walked out of the church as husband and wife.

All in a day's wedding....

It is sure a very tiring day, draining every single unit of energy I have but everything is worthwhile. I felt honoured to be her bridesmaid, to walk the journey together with her. Till the end of the day, it is not on how exhausted I felt but on how thankful I am to be chosen to enjoy this greatest moment of hers' and his'. I seal all these preciously wonderful moments with tears of joy at the bottom of my heart...

A heartfelt congrats to you and Edmund again, Anna! Congrats... =)

A tragic ending

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As I was waiting for the orthopedic to consult my grandma, I came across an article on: Flower Power in Feb 06's Urban Health mag. A study on "The Emotional Impact of Flowers" was conducted by Professor Jeannette M.Haviland-Jones, Professor of Psychology, Human Development Lab at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, with the help from The Society of American Florist. These are the few points that was mentioned:

  • Flowers have an instant impact on happiness.
  • Something about flowers has the capacity to break down social barriers, leading to increased contact with family and friends.
  • Flowers have immediate and long-term effects on emotional reactions, mood, social behaviours and even memory.
  • Flowers were often placed in areas of the home that were open to visitors, suggesting that flowers are a symbol for sharing. Flowers bring about positive emotional feelings in those who enter a room. They make the space more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere.


Well, no doubts on that...

These are the birthday flowers from my sister dearie

The bouquet of white roses I carried as Anna's bridesmaid... a day to remember, a must-keep item, a great moment to cherish...the flowers still bear the sweet memories of 11th March 06

I love them all. From fresh flowers, they will be preserved into 'dried flowers', so that I could keep them as long as I can. They seems to be doing beautifully well all this while as I hung them up upside down to preserve their existence. The strong aroma of the white roses are still as sweet and captivating as ever...


However, last saturday was a tragic day to begin with. This is what happened:

Those poor little flowers were found dead at the back of my house, in the trash.

The convict? My grandma. She told us that since the flowers are all dried up, she thought that it is time to let the sanitary engineers deal with it and plus, Saturday is a day those DBKL-ians come to collect whats in our the trash. And my precious flowers are in the trash :'(


And this is whats left...

The little pearls from the white bouquet; the only thing my grandma saved for me.

My commuter's nightmare

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If you read yesterday's Sunday Star newspaper, this is what you see on the frontpage.

A commuter's nightmare. [Got these pic from thestar.online picture gallery.]

Sometimes its really more than a nightmare. I was dropped off at MV's commuter station around 3 sthg in that Saturday evening. When I arrived at the platform, I saw the time was blinking on the board, indicating that the next train is going to show up soon. "phew, good timing", I thought. Yeah, thats only what I thought. The train was no where in sight. Fine, this is quite common actually and I continued waiting, while the crowds continued to pile up 'mountain-ously'. The 2nd train that was scheduled to arrive did not turn up as well. Same goes to the 3rd and then the board goes blank. YES! Nothing! No more next scheduled train. OK, now what?

"... disebabkan gangguan teknikal, tren komuter telah mengalami kelewatan... segala...amat dikesali ..."

...I'm speechless ...

I continued standing there fanning myself, irritative-ly with the commuter ticket, staring at the railway track, hoping that if I stare long enough, the train might appear and bring me back. I desperately need to get back. It is already half past four and I have to prepare and leave for Anna's wedding dinner by 6.30pm. How can i possibly make it when I'm still stranded here?

At that moment, how I wished there's someone I could ask for help. Yeah, in my dreams. Urggh... I stormed up to ask the attendant how long more will it take for a train to finally appear magically. I wasn't the only one. I waited for the others to finish and when asked, I was told that a train is currently heading here to pick us up, in about 20 mins time. ONE train to pick all these crowds up? He remained silence. Ah, forget it!

Then a lady, a total stranger, approached me and ask me what happened and bla bla...

We were in a rush and we decided to get our tickets refunded and opt for a taxi instead, though the recent rise in petrol price means that they are probably going to charge us with a crazy price. (that is one of the reason why I was in such a dilemma and was quite reluctant to quit waiting and go get a taxi instead)

I guess I see no other better choice. It is already 5pm! I taxi-pooled with the lady. Thank God! At least, we shared out the taxi fare. We got down at Segambut commuter station, one stop before Kepong's, as her car was parked there. I got into her car and she dropped me off at one of the bus stop on her way to pick up her children. And from there, I called to ask my mom to fetch me back.

The lady did ask, wouldn't my mom be shocked that I actually go 'tumpang' a total stranger's car?

I smiled. (I'm late and I see no other choice and I don't think of anything evil that you would do to me, erm..rite? ) hehe. Well, you trusted me as well and so I trust you as well. (what am I talking? what does she need to trust me for anyway?..whatever) But if it was a guy, I wouldn't dare to do so.

Anyway, I got back home safely though I was late for the dinner. The take home messageS are:

1. If you are using the commuter service, 1 hour time allowance is NOT enough. Do allow at least maybe, erm...3 hours? or maybe more. But if you are not in a rush, you can always spend half day waiting for the train to finally appear and enjoy being sandwiched in the train. Oh, an oxygen tank may come handy at times like that.

2. Bring more money so that you can always opt for a taxi, alone or not, when you really can't wait for the magic to do its job.

3. Magic doesn't work well on trains.

4. Prayers work. Pray to God. Thank God, I met that lady.

5. If you have someone like your buddy, boyfriend or husband,(who knows how to drive and have a car, peferably,) that is 24 hours on call, you have an advantage and you shall see more options available when in great need of help.

6. Follow our leader. Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting took Putra LRT and ERL, not KTM commuter.

But then again, places where only KTM commuter can bring you to, keep the fingers cross and just hope that you'll get there (0n time?).

7. Forget about the 30 cents frustration because the commuter's nightmare can drive you crazy. So keep your feet on the pedals again.

8. Time is precious; much precious than money/ petrol.

9. If this happens to you, you can always refund the ticket. (in case you didn't know)

10. Bring along sufficient water and probably something to give you sufficient sugar input to sustain the long hours of standing, to prevent dehydration and to keep yourself as calm and cool as possible(,though it is not quite possible).

Ooops, I forgot to warn you that this post consists heavy dose of frustration; its not U rated.

The rehearsal

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The petrol went up 30 cent and we all felt it. Today, we were all gathered at church before leaving to the chapel at Imbi, which I have no idea where on earth it is. We were lack of transportation because the petrol price increament has effectively reduced the number of drivers. So, I had to drive. Fine with me then. I told the other drivers to drive slower so they could lead me to the chapel as we (me and the others in my car) are not familiar with the roads. Ok, so all of us went off and i was the second car to go. Within 10 mins, all the other cars overtook me and I became the last in line. Its ok, as long as I still have someone to trail. However, 'zig-zag-ZAP!' the last car that I was trailing dissapeared from my sight within minutes. I knew it! I knew no one listened to what I've said just now. So, the yellow road runner was left alone, seeking its way through. It did not feel good at all. There was a mixture of feelings, including dissapointment. Both negative's and positive's seems to be on war, trying to dominate over each other. Never mind 'who' won; neither am I saying.

And so tonight was the rehearsal. Gosh! It was only rehearsal and I can feel the tense and my stomach seems to be twisted a million times. Every steps seems to be like forever and worst still, I can't even hold still (wow, tht rhymes). I was 'vibrating' all over, especially everytime when I lift my feet off the ground. Minus the crowd thats gonna fill up the seats, I am already this nervous. I can't even walk straight just now. *close eyes* I cannot imagine how this Saturday afternoon is gonna be. It is so freaking scary~~!!! I never thought its gonna be this scary. Can I like, back off now before I suffer from extreme tachycardia?? aahhh...please, people! pray for me, wish me all the best!

my TOEnails

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These was how my toenails look like since last month, during the CNY.

But, why only toenails? That's because:
- I don't want to get into any trouble when reporting to medical officers during my posting.
- I don't want to pose any threat or danger of poking the patients
- or 'intoxicating' them with those nail varnish
- or be triggering their hypersensitivity response ( you never know who's allergic to these)
- I don't want to cause any contamination on whatever

I'm almost hopeless when it comes to grooming and beauty but the pedicure done was pretty satisfactory, to me, at least.

"Is that bruises at your toes?" some will remark.

(-__-''') after all my hardwork, they only look like bruises?! oh well, now i feel like banging my head on the wall and get bruises up there instead...

Others will comment, "You painted your toenails? Did you do the pedicure on your own?...bla bla.."

"yeah, hehe.." Alas, at least some still think its ok (and are not bruises). Well, thats worth a few pat on the back. =)

But now, my feet are looking bare and naked again. Thats for now.

I'll put on another coat for them again after maybe one or two days of 'oxygen therapy' and get them all (including the fingernails...its ok now coz i'm done with my posting) ready for the big day. Ermm, but, I have no slightest idea what to put on. Any ideas anyone???

Well, they might all end up simple and plain afterall but it doesn't matter as long as they look presentable enough, if not sexy, on that day. hehe.

Med Camp

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Event : Med Camp (Kem Kesihatan)
Place : Rumah Panjang Jinjang (Kwsn A)
Date : 5th March 06
Day : Sunday
Time : 8.30am - 1.00pm

The registration area where the health screening is done.

They even have volunteers to 'babysit' the patient's children, teaching them origami, singing and dancing. Nice n cute, aye?

notice the 'yellow road runner' on the background? hehe... thank God i arrived early and got a near place with nice shed =)

taking dextrostick reading... "jeng, jeng, jeng...here comes the needle!"

And now, for the different expressions during BP taking...

huh?! ermm..?

nice, sweet and warm smile, aunty!
The weather is getting hotter, my hand is getting weaker, ear is getting more deaf and the crowd is getting larger... help!

I'm now an 'expert' in BP measurement! hehe.. even my cutie-little-boy-supervisor approves and agrees..

They made me look so 'dwarfily small n tiny'! But actually, this is what u call an 'optic illusion'. I am NOT short. Enough said.

...and at the end of the day, we all had a great time. Nice experience working with huge bunch of about 100 other volunteers.


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YeaY !!! finally my streamyx account is re-activated. It was suspended 2 weeks ago but has served for good as well anyway. At least i don't see my sis stuck in front of the computer 24 hrs. hehe. But I'm glad that i can have back my internet access again =)