pre back-to-school emo

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It seems just yesterday that we started our unimaginably long holiday but it is now rather unimaginable that our holiday has come to an end. BlInK!*bLiNk!*

I flipped through the new timetable. oH my gOodness! Generally my lectures are all in the afternoon now, which means its after lunch, at 1.30pm. Thats not a good choice. And frankly, I'm not liking it yet coz:

  1. It creates 'half hanging' kind of feel.
  2. It demotivates me.
  3. It gives me excuse to laze and wake up late (if i ever wake up).
  4. My brain is least active at that hour.
  5. Extra sleepy factor. (you see, sometimes Subject + Lecture + Lecture's Volume is already lullaby enough... N now, Time + Post Lunch Factor + Cool n Comfy Aircond vs. hot afternoon increases the sleeping factor from the power of 3 to the power of 6 or 7.)
  6. That also indirectly increases the probability of failing doing less well in the subjects.
  7. It means no afternoon nap (on bed).
  8. I like morning classes better.
  9. I dislike afternoon classes.
  10. You can't really use the excuse: "Sir, sorry I woke up late this morning.." when you are late for class.
  11. That means my day ends later. urgh.
  12. Like that means no more after class lepaking.

Sigh. This is an entry just to babble, rant and whine. Meaningless post but I need to let it out. So skip this if you wish to coz i am gonna continue babbling...

I miss my roomate ;(

I miss the lovely home Chris, Sherri n Hui Ying is staying ;(

I miss room 414 =(

I sure will miss home ;(

I miss morning classes =(

I miss finishing early =(

I miss holiday =(

I miss lots of things... sigh... oh well, it's the new sem. Time to move on and say "Welcome to Year 2"....geez, I am so unprepared. But its coming.. just like when one is playing hide-and-seek. Ready or not here I come!

Alrite then, take a deep deep breath, fake a sweet sweet smile n say "Hello n Welcome to the new sem, to the brand new Year 2!!!" =)

Well, despite all that... one of the thing (hopefully not the only thing) that I most look forward to is the attachment at Hospital Rumah Orang Asli.

Now, I'm just gonna sit back, close my eyes and await for the new sem to reveal the treasure beneath...