Journey detour

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I hopped into the commuter in the fresh Monday morning. My 'son' has agreed to pick me up from the BTS station later. To keep my travelling time productive, I held the Reader's Digest with my free hand, made myself comfortable and started reading.

"KL Sentral...KL Sentral...babble babble mumble mumble.."Door opened, door closed. Train moved.

I looked out the window, and thought the route was kinda different today. I don't usually see so many greens and..hmm, anyway.. I continued reading.

"Angkasapuri...Angkasapuri.." Door opened, door closed. Train continued moving.

Angkasapuri? hmm.. ok... scratch head. I looked back on the page I was reading.

"Pantai Dalam...Pantai Dalam..."

Ok, this is far too weird. Something is very wrong. I looked at the map of the rail route and... I knew it! I knew something wasn't really right. I am in the Pelabuhan Klang train. Oh my goodness, how did that happened. It is not supposed to happen. (Wahhh~!!!) Better get off the train as soon as possible.

Door opened, I walked out, door closed, train went off.

I carried my luggage and walked across the bridge to the platform opposite to get the Sentul train back KL Sentral.

This time, I wasn't reading anymore nor am I able to read. The Sentul train is so packed. It is pretty scary to join the 'human-sardine-party' and its an especially horrifying trip when you don't even have the space to put down the bag on the floor. Though it was 2 stations away before reaching the central station, the commuter just have to go momentarily dead halfway, prolonging the sardine party. urgh, yeay~... My right arm feels as if it is going to be detached any moment soon and my poor little fingers are turning purplish. It is no fun at all standing carrying a sling bag and a luggage bag (its heavy!!) , sardined as close as possible to each other with people sticking to you, touching your butt, in that oxygen depleted train.

"Kl sentral...KL sentral..." Door opened, I poured out together with the crowds, door closed.

It is not very much of a relief yet actually. I gathered all the strength carrying my bags up the stairs and down the stairs, to the platform opposite to catch the Seremban train, which I am supposed to have boarded from Kepong. I made sure it was the correct platform, placed my luggage bag down, leaned against the wall, panting, catching my breath, and waited for the train to arrive.

Well, all the carrying and climbing explains the body ache I am having now, after going through the hand re-attachment surgery. I am not built to sustain or endure these kind of weight bearing activities. However, no angels came falling to the rescue. So, now all I am praying for is a masseur, prefferably a cute, handsome and free one of course. But yeah, I knew there wouldn't be any. That is why body ache is all that I have now =(

You see...

This is how it is supposed to work. The commuter that passes Kepong is the Rawang-Seremban's and by right it will bring me straight to Bandar Tasik Selatan (BTS). That is shown in the dark blue route. But, somehow I ended up on the red track instead, which brought me to Pantai Dalam.

This is what took place instead; the detours:

Oh my...this is just simply so energy consuming and I shall discontinue my elaboration here.

Lessons from today journey:

1. Listen attentively to all the babbling and mumbling.

2. The norm is not always the norm. And it is usually so when you least expected it.

3. Assumptions can be wrong, pretty surprisingly wrong.



joe pass by..
i know is bad..
but juz can't stop laughing.. hohoho...
sry ya..
betta luck next time ! ^.^
if u need a handsome guy to help, i will always willing to do tat "handsome" guy okie ^.^

Dave Kwong

wahahahaa... take train also can wrong ah...
I can be your masseur... but I am neither cute nor handsome, dem... and I charge some more....
And I don't do this Friday, coz got exams.. =)


oh..all of u are so mean =P

btw, i didn't take the wrong train, its not supposed to be wrong.. and best wishes in ur exams! finish it up quick and get a part time job as a masseur in aussie hehe ;)