Good guys??

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'She' was telling me on the sweet, romantic stuffs 'he' did and... Chris snapped in, " romantic guys are not good guys. Don't believe in them"

We looked at him.

"It is true," he replied enthusiastically.

"Are there any good guys?" I asked.

He paused for a while and he thoughtfully answered, "Well, erm..yeah...quite true.."

"There is no good guys rite?"

He nodded in agreement and continued scribbling in his notebook.

He isn't the first who came to agree with this and I bet there is more that share the same thought; even they themself (the males) would acknowledge it. Guys, a lot of them are jerks. What jerks? All kind of jerks. I found quite a well descriptive piece of writting on this in Lai Imm's blog. Click here to read "Ode to Jerks". Enjoy! And yeah I know not all guys are the same so people, don't get offended ;)



Hi Jolyn. Joseph here, if you still remember me! Sorry I've been visiting your blog on and off, but it just felt awkward for me to leave a comment.

I just thought it's interesting you mentioned "there are no good guys" and then continued with "not all guys are the same"...

If you took it one step further, I can probably agree with you that there are no good people. All sinners. You and me and him and her. So there really isn't a surprise? Just a thought. Sorry I should shut up now. :X


guys are jerks, gurls are biatches.. tat makes the score even..


hey Joseph, its a pleasant surprise to receive ur comment and frankly, its not awkward at all. In fact it wud be lovely to hear fr you =)

yupz..all are sinners. But perhaps we,humans, do realize tht none of us r perfect thus, when labelling someone as a 'good person' or a 'good samaritan', it is a rather ill defined human term.

Are there any good people? Or are there really no good people? And what is good? Its pretty subjective whn each of us try to define it.

however, IMHO, one thing for sure, if we go by God's definition.. thts the best n nothing can be wrong. Good or bad, sinners we are.

thx 4 bringing tht up... talk more,and dun shut up ok? hehe ;)


wow..if you have to ask that Q. can i reciprocate with "are there any good girls out there" definition of being good varies.

as for partner in life. a friend told me once, to look for that partner in life, we dont look for fact we look at dark and bad details, choose the guy whose details we can live with for the rest of our live.


very well said indeed.. choose the guy we can live with those dark n bad details of his.. =)

thanks for enlightening ;)