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They call it the Cup of life... Man! Whatever it is, these earthlings are sure coming up with all sort of funny, crappy tips, must have or must do kind off thingy...bla bla...

Sharing with you today are sample based tutorial on how to prepare:

1. the Cup of wishlist
2. the Cup of checklist

First, for the wishlist...

I came across this good sample by Simon @ and this is what he wrote:

  • Please don’t get Shebby Singh to be the guest pundit. Get Paul Masefield or Jamie Reeves. Heck, get Hasbullah Awang, I don’t care. I can’t stand that Shebby Singh.

  • Stop spamming us throughout the whole World Cup month with all those advertisements of SMS goal alerts, 3G live matches, SMS chats, man-of-the-match contests… Look I know some of these companies sponsor the telecasts, but there is something as overdose or overexposure until the viewers are sick of it.

  • I just hope there won’t be any domestic disaster like washing machine breaking down, toilet being stuck, car tyre needs changing, radioactive toxic waste leaking from nuclear plant next door, etc, that require my attention when I need to concentrate on the matches.

  • My office closes down a month for termite fumigation / accounting irregularity investigation / acute office paper shortage and declare the whole month as a holiday.

  • Don’t snip off the pre-match shows or opening ceremony where they have celebrities performing.

  • Ban all cars with the registration plate beginning with ‘W’ or ‘B’ from entering the city during the day, so that I can come home in 10 minutes and sleep it off. Obviously, I don’t drive a local car…

  • Somebody give me a free coffee maker. While I’m at it, get me a good one. Like the one they feature on ‘Living Coffee’.

  • No boring, boring nil-nil draws. I know this is football, not basketball, but you don’t go to the World Cup and play ultra defensively for draws and hope to win on penalties. You may be able to win the Euro with that…

  • I want to see Sven Goran-Eriksson lose his cool at any point during the World Cup. His reaction during that match versus Portugal in Euro was a classic…

  • Not related to this list, but if you didn’t have cable TV, you’d probably have to put up with this on local channels: “Ya! Kami sudah terima isyarat dari Germany! Sekarang kita terus Zainal Abidin di Stuttgart… Apa khabar, Zainal…? Zainal…? Nampaknya belum ada ‘audio’…

lolz* ... got it now? Ok, great! Now we shall move on to the 'checklist'.

Wait! Before that, maybe we should learn how to get rich during this coming football season. It's NOT 'U-rated' and click here to follow the lesson =)

After reading the guides, we can now proceed to the checklist. Yippee!

Here is the Check List for FIFA World Cup Hibernation Party:-

  1. 10packs x 30 sachets x 50gm Big Nescafe 3 in 1 Rich? - √ Checked!
  2. FIFA Ahbeng Song? - √ Checked!
  3. FIFA German Song? - √ Checked!
  4. FIFA Yingrish Song? - √ Checked!
  5. Bookies Telephone numbers - √ Checked!
  6. AhLong Telephone numbers - √ Checked
  7. Ambulance Telephone numbers (just in case of heart attack) - √ Checked!
  8. New 50" Samsung Plasma TV - √ Checked!
  9. Wife safely locked inside the room - √ Checked!
  10. Kids all safely locked too? - √ Checked!
  11. Fake MCs with random serial numbers all Scanned and Printed? - √ Checked!
  12. ADIDAS Football ready? - √ Checked!
  13. Favourite Jersey Washed ledi? - √ Checked!
  14. Maggi Cup Noodle masuk stock ledi? - √ Checked!
  15. Friends Invited ledi? - √ Checked!
  16. Bought Enuff Snacks and Coke? - √ Checked!

It is another copy n paste thingy from to add on, remember to check if you've paid your electricity bill and your tv signal reception tOo!!!

What are you waiting for now? Go-lar and brew your own Cup of wishlist, checklist, kaki-list, ball list or bolalist and whatsoeva list, it doesn't hv to make sense. Just list something down. Its world Cup we are talking about. Quick! Oni 11 more days to go!

Thats for today's Cup of list...

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