Back to school -summary-

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It is great to be back to school again, with all the friends. Though they are a bunch of crappy, big bully, flirtatious, silly group of people, there are those who are such a sweet heart and dear to you.

Classes are mostly in the afternoon now, making way for our beloved juniors who are coming in this July. I can now make it to most of the classes without being late. hehe. PBLs, FLMs, QnAs and formative assessments are coming haunting once again.

Our schedule on friday especially ... "urgh!"... Since we have hospital attachments in the morning, formative assessments will end late in the evening. sigh. Anyhow I guess its time to get the engine kicking again. yawn.

All were quite excited about the revelation of the new arrangement for PBL grouping, mentor list and the hospital attachment groups. Some will be thanking God but some others will be banging head and be made a laughter among others. Whatever it is, all the best to all of us, people! haha.