stupid crapz me do

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Had my second assessment today; the clinical examination on cranial nerves. It was a total crap. AAaaaaaahhhhhHHHHH~~~!!!! I feel like slapping myself and knocking my head HARD. It is still ok if i were to miss some details of any cranial nerve exam. Alrite, I was panic & nervous but that does not give me reasons why I should be stupid enough to miss some MAJOR, OBVIOUS stuff.

  • I had the ophthalmoscope in my pocket BUT i totally forgotten about performing fundoscopy! *smack*

  • forgotten about jaw jerk.. ok, acceptable.

  • I TOTALLY forgot about checking cranial nerve VII; the facial nerve~... oh, dear.. stupid-nye! *SMACK*

  • I was taking a moment to think about what to test on the hypoglossal nerve, mumbling to myself a little.. and then.. the examiner exclaimed, "What about 12th cranial nerve?"My bulb was lighted up. "Oh!" I go and I continued with the examination. BUT he gave me a stern look and tell, "You forgot about the 12th cranial nerve". A blank look i tossed back. I didn't know what to say. It just took me a bit of time to recall. I think he assumes that I've forgotten about it, which means no marks for CN XII as well.. :'( *please shoot me..*

Unforgivable stupidity... sigh.. I hope I'll pass?..

Gonna study for tomorrow's assessment now...; the 3rd test for this week.. sigh



This is Eric Teo. Don't worry Jolyn, it is human error sometimr it just happen. Anyway I wish you all the best in your another exam. I pray for you. God bless you