Happiness is a voyage

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I've received an email that ask me to think and try to:

  1. Name the 5 richest people in the world.
  2. Name the last 5 miss Universe winners.
  3. Name the last 10 Nobel Prize winners.
  4. Name the last 10 winners of the best actor Oscar.

...and also to:

  1. Name 3 teachers who contributed to your education.
  2. Name 3 friends who helped you in your hours of need.
  3. Think of a few people who made you feel special.
  4. Name 5 people that you like to spend time with.

the latter set of questions seems easier to tackle isn't it? Conclusion for these questions? Well, the people who mean something to your life are not rated "the best", don't have the most money, haven't won the greatest prizes.

Upon reflection, here comes a simple poem dedicated to you...

You need not to be perfect,
You need not to be labelled the best,
but you certainly are one in a million,
that I consider a priceless gem.

Don't know how is it all linked up in that email but as the tittle says,

Happiness is a voyage, not a destination.