Thank You, JuNiOr$ !!!

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We got to meet our new, freshie juniors last Tuesday during their orientation. And one week later; i mean today..., we got this..

and thisas a token of appreciation for us, the seniors.

Some scenes from last Tues:

The juniors sitting on the floor, making themselves comfortable...

while the seniors (us) seated on the chair, during the "Senior-Junior Session" last Tues (25/07/06) in the museum. (there wasn't enough chair for everyone.. so we weren't actually bullying them..hehe)

Twinkle* twinkle* little stars...

Some scenes from today:

The thank you note from our adorable juniors.

Cutting and dividing the cake, 'generously'.

Quite a handful of people are absent today. Well,.. less men, more share. 2nd or 3rd serving, help yourself... there's no need to 'rebut'... ;D

Yummy chocolate indulgence... It completely seals your mouth. Yum yum.. ;)

"Thanks loads, jUnIoRs!" You r all just simply sweet n nice, just like the cake.. hehe =)