I am only 26% stupid =P

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The Stupid Quiz said I am "Fairly Smart!" How stupid are you? Click here to find out!

The new semester has begun & I have been kept quite busy..with so much to do and not to mention what i need to catch up with..sigh.. sometimes i do wonder will i survive all these with my pea brain. Thinking of this year end's proffessional exam is really sending shivers down my spine. depressing thoughts,huh..

Anywayz, i discovered a test from Callyn..a rather silly test actually, which if i choose to believe in, will make me feel better..for the time being at least. haha. Well, it shows that :

69% scored higher (more stupid),
5% scored the same,
and 26% scored lower (less stupid).

What does this mean? I am only 26% stupid. This means...I am kinda smart. Many have done better, but I did much better than half the other test-takers! phew..hehe.



halo a~remember me? i am katy..:P
dunno? what about a hint! New Zealand? know now?? still dunno...sad a...
haha..just surfing on the interent and found ur blog..
how r u recently a?


hi,Katy!erm..there's a few ppl name Katy that i know of actually.. my guess is, u were in the same school as Krystal rite,are u? thx for dropping by, u r most wecomed to read my blog.. keep visiting.hehe. how r u over there? i'm ok over here =)

T'-E L

what's the website? Looks fun though.


I am 80%..... :(


dun worry bout the test, its just a fun,silly test.. dun hav to take it personally =) btw, u are?




dun think i'm good at guessing. it will be pretty much better for u to reveal who you are if u r comfortable with it =) so, may i have the honour to know who u are?