Free fall

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It is easy to get discouraged.

It is easy to forget the origin.

It is easy to forget the force.

I wonder if anyone knows.

All I wish and want for now is a free fall...

Quote of the day

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A: They treat us worse than a dog. Work everyday, no need "cuti" wan.

B: What is worse than a dog?

A: Houseman lah!
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Dear "Ah Poh",

How are you doing up there? I have finally graduated, you know. "Ah Mah" came to my convocation. She looks happy. I couldn't be more happy to have her there with daddy and mommy to witness me receiving my MD in my "square-hat". I wished you were here too.

I have started my housemanship just recently in a place far away from home. It has been difficult, especially to be far from home. I felt alone. And I am scared.

Honestly, I don't see the glory of the title I am carrying. I am sure this come with a prize to pay but a lot of times I do wonder if I have enough to earn it through.

The ward can be frustrating or even depressing sometimes. I am sure you know it. I hated the beeping sounds of the monitors. But I hate it even more when the sound goes flat. It makes me think of you, "Ah Poh". I felt I could have done more. And it hurts whenever I think of that.

It doesn't take long to hate my job. "Ah Poh", I am sorry if I have let you down. I am not sure why I felt this way on "the passion" I am supposed to love. I do not know why and I am sorry, "Ah Poh".

You know, a colleague told me the other day that, we may not do what we like but we have to like what we are doing.

I am trying and I am learning to. Perhaps all I need is time?

I know no matter what, all you want is for me to be happy. Are you happy up there, "Ah Poh"?

I hope to be happy too. I promise you, I'll try.

"Ah Poh", I may not be as great as others, and I may not be as smart as others,... but please help me to know that if I am in this, let me at least be a good one too.

Miss you lots,...

To sing or to reason?

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Is it easier to sing your worries away then to reason them away?

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The forgotten

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I want a rain shower.